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Tool to download from megaupload as apremium Megaupload Premium - Download anytime

RapidShare Happy Hour Checker

RapidShare Happy Hour Checker It's easy, just put in the link and if the symbol is green, start downloading!


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HappyCat v0.9


Universal Share Downloader

Universal Share Downloader is configured to work with more than a hundred free hosting services, including the most popular ones like RapidShare, MegaUpload or YouSendIt. It can also be integrated into Firefox (with the FlashGot extension) and Internet Explorer, plus monitor the Windows Clipboard for copied download links.

Some other interesting features are compatibility with proxy servers, the ability to schedule tasks, support for remote control and automatic program updates.


SENBIT Download Direct v1.045
Download Direct (also known as DLD) was developed to accelerate your downloads by up to 500% (sometimes more) and let you manage them via one central screen. We wanted to ensure ease of use for the average home user with its simple, clean, great looking interface, but included features for even the most demanding, high usage internet users.

Features & Specifications
-- Accelerates downloads up to 500% (sometimes more)
-- Manage all downloads via one central screen
-- Uses mirrors to find the fastest file location (achieves even more speed)
-- Pause and resume downloads at anytime
-- Resume broken downloads
-- Preview music and movies while downloading
-- Added support for BitTorrent files
-- Built-in calender to schedule downloads
-- Easy to use and configure with a fully graphic interface
-- Quick save files to your favourite folders with MyFolders
-- In-depth statistics on download details
-- Unlimited simultaneous downloads
-- Simplified lists help sort and group downloads
-- Easy file management with MyFolders
-- Download files without progress windows
-- Keep track of old downloads with Download History
-- Automate tasks on download completion and errors


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RapidLeecher Ultimate 2007 Automatic.

Rapidshare Ultimate 2007 is a free software to download files from the world's largest file-sharing network Rapidshare, based on the source code donated by previous RapidLeecher author this version automatically decodes the image code allowing you to use the service without any hassle in a more easy way, RapidLeecher 2007 can run into fully automatic mode residing into system tray using minimal system resources monitoring user clipboard and autostart file download from rapidshare in background as soon as a rapidshare link is copied into the clipboard. The free software has support for pr@xy servers so that you can download many files at the same time (using different proxy). and multiple instance of the software.
Main Features Include -

   1. Fully Automated Downloading supporting a semi-automatic option.
   2. Automatic CAPTCHA Image Detection.
   3. Auto start at system boot with system tray support.
   4. Clipboard monitoring.
   5. Silent operation mode, will sit and wait for links in system tray.
   6. Proxy Support for simultaneous downloads and unlimited downloading.
   7. Inbuilt Downloader with detailed static's.
   8. Full installer and uninstaller.
   9. Very simple to use.
  10. Pleasant, easy to use interface.
  11. Constantly Updated.
  12. Adware & Spyware Free.
  13. Support is provided for users with quick BUG FIXES
  14. Best of All its FREE & SAFE.

NOTE: The best way to use RapidLeecher Ultimate 2007 is to let it run in the system tray (by minimizing) and just copy the rapidshare link to clipboard to let the software download automatically in backgroound as rapidshare premium user.

Rapidshare Unlimited 2.0
     Using the Rapidshare server, one may download only a specified amount of files per hour. However, because downloads are tracked by an IP address, one may change their IP address, thus downloading as often as one would like. In most cases, an IP address is assigned directly by one's ISP. Here are the steps necessary in changing the IP address:

   1. Clean up your cookies; remove them based on instructions from the browser being used. This is done in the case that one or more cookies may belong to Rapidshare.
   2. On Command Prompt type the following:
          * ipconfig /flushdns (Press Enter)
          * ipconfig /release (Press Enter)
          * ipconfig /renew (Press Enter)
          * exit (Press Enter)
   3. As a second option, one may save these commands in a .bat file. Then, run it everytime one need to use the Rapidshare server.
   4. Remember to clean up all Rapidshare cookies in your temp Internet Files folder upon redoing the commands or rerunning the .exe file

RapAut is a download support program dedicated to RAPIDSHARE services.
This is a FREEWARE category software.
Aren't You tired of checking how much time is left to download next queued file ???
If Yes, this software is for You !!!

The actual version is compatibile with RAPIDSHARE.COM
We promise to enhance the list of compatibile services
DOWNLOAD (112KB)                                                    Homepage

Orbit Downloader
How to Download Files From Rapidshare, Megaupload,Yousendit and Sendspace?
Orbit downloader support HTTP POST method. So Orbit downloader can download files from or Additionally, Orbit downloader can make your download faster, safer and more stable than IE.

You can use Orbit Downloader to download files from by the following way:
(1) Open a Rapidshare file’s link by IE. For example, I find a link: and open the link by IE. Then scroll down the web page to the end, click the free button (if you have a premium count, you should click the premium button).

Relate link:
Use as YouTube Downloader
Use as Dailymotion Downloader
Use as iFilm Downloader
Use as Myspace Downloader
Use as Google Video Downloader
Use as Metacafe Downloader
Use as Videolog Downloader
Use as Flash Video Downloader
Use as FLV Downloader
Use as Flash Games and Cartoon Downloader
Use as RapidShare, Megaupload,Yousendit and Sendspace Downloader
Download File, Youtube Video, Flash Game, Cartoon and Streaming Movie in FireFox
Use as Metalink Downloader
Use as Streaming Media Downloader
DOWNLOAD                                                               Homepage

Universal Share Downloader v1.3.4.7 NEW
1.3 MB | working 100%, non post code.

Universal Share Downloader is configured to work with more than a hundred free hosting services, including the most popular ones like RapidShare, MegaUpload or YouSendIt. It can also be integrated into Firefox (with the FlashGot extension) and Internet Explorer, plus monitor the Windows Clipboard for copied download links.
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RapGet (RAPidshareGET) is a downloader with code recognition for such share servers as,, and others.

A freeware;
A small soft (about 200 Kb);
Autodownloads from 67 free share services;
A lot of simultanious downloads;
Multilingual support (48 languages).
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CMS Grabber v1.4.8
What's new
- fixed grabber
- fixed link checker

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RapidDowner 1.0.1
try to use this program to by pass the 110 minute waiting time limit and make it in a few minutes. Built on the .Net Framework and forum supported.

Make rapidshare your easy free hosting service. This is not a hack this just makes it a lot easier to use rapidshares service easier and faster.

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Rapidshare GetPoints v2.3.3 - Rapidshare Premium Points Tools

What is RS-GetPoints?
Its a little software coddec in Autoit which allow you to display your
Rapidshare Premium or Collector account Info on a tiny window.

Main Window:

-speed [pts/hour]. -How many points you collected this session [and time].
-How many did you download last 5 days [for the 25gig limit].
-Select your RS account Type [Collector or Premium] -
-Choose if you want to launch it on startup.
-If you want to launch it minimized.
-If you want to display a TrayTooltip [Right bottom corner] which appear when you get points [how many] with which account, and total collected.
-You need to fill your account infos to acess to this program.


Here you can acess to your collected Points per day history.
It obviously needs to be active on that day to know how many points did you collected.

Download Free Rapidshare Tools

   Briefcase Leecha

   Briefcase Leecha download tool.

   Click Here to Download.


   Check Links

   Rapidshare Link Checker

   Click Here to Download.


   FileUploader 2.2.2

   File uploader tool.

   Click Here to Download.


   Ingestor 0.1.1

   Download manager for Rapidshare and Megaupload.

   Click Here to Download.


   LinkGrabber 3.0.2

   Link grabber for,,,,,,,, and

   Click Here to Download.


   MacRapid v1.6a

   RapidShare downloader tool.

   Click Here to Download.


   RapGet 1.11

   Rapget is a downloader with code recognition for share servers such as Rapidshare, MegaUpload and Slil.

   Click Here to Download.


   RapidCheck v0.4

   This tool checks for free Rapidshare accounts.

   Click Here to Download.


   RapidGet v1.2

   Great RapidShare downloader tool.

   Click Here to Download.


   RapidHarvest v1.2.0.5

   Rapidshare downloader tool.

   Click Here to Download.


   RapidKill Pro 5.7

   PHP Files to download directly from Rapidshare and Megaupload to your server.

   Click Here to Download.


   RapidLeecher 4.5

   Rapidshare file leecher tool.

   Click Here to Download.



   This is a tool automating multiple file downloads from Rapidshare.

   Click Here to Download.


   RapidSearch Beta v0.2

   Search Google for files available on

   Click Here to Download.


   Rapidshare - The way you like it.

   Rapidshare downloading tool.

   Click here to download.


   Rapidshare Decoder v0.2

   This is a Javascript decoder working great on Rapidshare.

   Click Here to Download.


   Rapidshare Instant Downloader v1.3.3

   This tool automates download from file sharing websites.

   Click Here to Download.


   RapidShare Premium Grabber v1.0

   Rapidshare download tool.

   Click Here to Download.


   Rapidshare Bypasser

   Get actual download links from a Rapidshare download link.

   Click Here to Download.


   Rapidshare Free Account Check v0.2.9

   This tool checks for free rapidshare accounts.

   Click Here to Download.


   RS Fan

   Free Rapidshare account notifier.

   Click Here to Download.


Rapidhacker 2.7 Final - Rapidshare Auto Downloader


RapidHacker can hack / crack / bypass waiting limit at or .
This is the latest for all the free rapidshare users it works good i heard.
Download Rapidhacker