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RapidRefresh 1.0

RapidShare started to delete files of Premium users.
This tool will help to extend your files life.

This tool downloads your files (just part) thus setting new expire date. You can download files selectively, just critical files or all. You can import links from clipboard or from Premium Zone.


Grabber 1.4.8a [22-10-2007] NEW and download tool.
Bypasses download limitations. Download multiple files at once. Download even more than with premium !

What's new
- fixed grabber
- fixed link checker
- added huawei tool for renewing IP address for ADSL users(Supported hardware: SmartAX MT882 ADSL Router/Modem) - currently we support only USB mode, next version will alow to specify router address (it is now set to -- you can configure your router to that address anyway so it will work in "Network Mode" -- i.e. when connected to the LAN NIC))
This release is sponsored by StackFile Corp.
NOTE: This program is not Vista compatible,  but works fine with disabled UAC (User Account Control - very useful and inovative thing which renders your computer useless and annoying to use it). We have decided to host this version on our server (Read notes bellow).
Download Link

CMS RapidShare.COM Premium Grabber

After new changes in (25/11/2006) most of premium users are experiencing problems with downloads with dload managers. This is a handy solution. The only dissadvantage of new rapidshare system is that direct links do not exist anymore - so you cannot share direct links without revealing your account info.

- This program is coded as an internal CMS tool (mostly for my usage) but it might be handy for other people so it is released in public
- it is made for 20 mins, so it may contain some bugs, also it is very basic.

What's Next ?
- multithreaded download manager for linux/unix/free bsd
- Grabber for Free service for Linux

RapidShare Downloader.NET Beta 12x
A Download manager that support downloads from,; also offers support to standard http downloads, ftp downlods. You can download videos from too!, google video and soapbox on msn.

Support resume from both http and ftp downloads.
Note: This is only the source code of the program.
Download: 602 KB

Rapidshare Time Resetter
Rapidshare time resetter with this program you can download from rapidshare with no limits! when rapidshare tells you you have exceeded the limit just run this tool! working only with dynamic IP.


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RapidCaps 2.1
RapidCaps is a freeware program that creates Video caps (sample pictures called captures of a video) which give you a preview across the whole length of the video.

Unlike other programs which create the caps using a video on your harddisk, RapidCaps creates caps directly from an internet url. This means that you can see the sample caps of a video before actually downloading it thus saving bandwidth, time and money.
Free / Download (108.4 KB)

RapidLeecher is the ultimate, easy to use and free software to leech links from file share service Rapidshare, you just paste the link and your download will automatically get downloaded to your desktop with maximum speeds and minimal user interaction. The free software also has support for using proxy servers so that you can download many files at the same time (using different proxy).

Main Features Include -
   1. Automated Downloading.
   2. Auto start and system tray support.
   3. Clipboard monitoring.
   4. Silent operation mode, will sit and wait for links in system tray.
   5. Proxy Support for simultaneous downloads and unlimited downloading.
   6. Inbuilt Downloader with detailed static's.
   7. Full installer and uninstaller.
   8. Simple utility.
   9. Pleasant, easy to use interface.
  10. Constantly Updated.
  11. Adware & Spyware Free.
  12. Support is provided for users with quick BUG FIXES
  13. Best of All its FREE & SAFE.
Rar Password is : ,
Please note that you will need Microsoft .Net 2.0 Runtimes to use the application, it can be downloaded here

Rapidhacker 2.7 Final - Rapidshare Auto Downloader

RapidHacker can hack / crack / bypass waiting limit at or .
This is the latest for all the free rapidshare users it works good i heard.
Download Rapidhacker


USDownloader V5 (OpenSSL)
USDownloader V5, This rapidshare software is the newer version of USdownloader, you can select the rapidshare server to download file. This file include openssl, you must install this to get usdownloader working.


USDownloader V5 by Nemesis63


RapidShare Downloader.NET Beta 12 Newest
A Download manager that support downloads from,; also offers support to standard http downloads, ftp downlods. You can download videos from too!, google video and soapbox on msn.
Support resume from both http and ftp downloads.

Note: This is only the source code of the program.
passw :

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7 New sharing sites have been added to the drop down list!
NEW sharing domains added :) (Check sites drop down for full list!)




Easy Rapidshare Points v3.0 + Serial

-With Easy Rapidshare Points, you can gain as much as 43,000 points a month.
This is the best way to get a rapidshare account and also quite useful for premium account holders as they increase their points too.

-All u have to do is up load a 1 Mb file the one u have uploaded and paste the link
in Easy Rapidshare Points and soo u will be able to add to your points tally.
- Even though I have added the Serial, its not required as this a completely patched
version. The Serial is just a back up, just incase you are ask.
This updated version includes:
-Deletes cookies after every download for you!
-Requires Installation and serial number!
-New, sleek and professional design.

Megaupload Link Grabber 7

Tool for getting Download link from domain without proxy (Removing All Slots are in Use) and for getting download links from and

Download or Download

Download Free Rapidshare Tools

Briefcase Leecha

Briefcase Leecha download tool.

Click Here to Download.

Check Links

Rapidshare Link Checker

Click Here to Download.

FileUploader 2.2.2

File uploader tool.

Click Here to Download.

Ingestor 0.1.1

Download manager for Rapidshare and Megaupload.

Click Here to Download.

LinkGrabber 3.0.2

Link grabber for,,,,,,,, and

Click Here to Download.

MacRapid v1.6a

RapidShare downloader tool.

Click Here to Download.

RapGet 1.11

Rapget is a downloader with code recognition for share servers such as Rapidshare, MegaUpload and Slil.

Click Here to Download.

RapidCheck v0.4

This tool checks for free Rapidshare accounts.

Click Here to Download.

RapidGet v1.2

Great RapidShare downloader tool.

Click Here to Download.

RapidHarvest v1.2.0.5

Rapidshare downloader tool.

Click Here to Download.

RapidKill Pro 5.7

PHP Files to download directly from Rapidshare and Megaupload to your server.

Click Here to Download.

RapidLeecher 4.5

Rapidshare file leecher tool.

Click Here to Download.


This is a tool automating multiple file downloads from Rapidshare.

Click Here to Download.

RapidSearch Beta v0.2

Search Google for files available on

Click Here to Download.

Rapidshare - The way you like it.

Rapidshare downloading tool.

Click here to download.

Rapidshare Decoder v0.2

This is a Javascript decoder working great on Rapidshare.

Click Here to Download.

Rapidshare Instant Downloader v1.3.3

This tool automates download from file sharing websites.

Click Here to Download.

RapidShare Premium Grabber v1.0

Rapidshare download tool.

Click Here to Download.

Rapidshare Bypasser

Get actual download links from a Rapidshare download link.

Click Here to Download.

Rapidshare Free Account Check v0.2.9

This tool checks for free rapidshare accounts.

Click Here to Download.

RS Fan

Free Rapidshare account notifier.

Click Here to Download.


Rapidcheck v 0.5 - Rapidshare Account Notifier


RapidCheck is a tool that checks whether any free accounts are available at and It stays at system tray area and checks for free acounts at speciefied intervals.


When free acounts detected, you will be notified by the program with an information baloon tooltip. Then you can directly go to free (not premium account) account registration page by clicking the tooltip.


RSFan - Check Free Rapidshare Premium Account
Checks availability of Free Premium RapidShare Accounts with RSFan.
RSFan Main Features: Main


- Checks availability of Free Premium RapidShare Accounts
- Manual Check
- Programmable timer
- Starts with Windows
- Runs in system tray
- Popups balloon/plays sound/opens RS page when there are free accounts
- Proxy support
- Extreme fast (uses GZIP)