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easy truth. All is freeware.

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             HiSoft CrackDownloader 2.2
Ultimate Search Eng!ne & Downloader
     CrackDownloader is an easy to use tool to find and download cracks and serials through internet quickly.
It searches for cracks/serials over the internet in the best cracks/serials sites and show you the results in moments!, then you can download any crack/serial quickly.

     Since CrackDownloader doesn't use Internet Explorer to search and get the cracks and serials, you can use it without any fear of any Virus, Adware, Trojan or Immoral content that most of the crack sites contain, so it's 100% saveware !
Version: 2.2 free - Size: 390 KB - Download

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             China Finder 2.4 ( v2.9 inaction)
Software Retrevial at chinas website, non installer.


       Cr@ck_Searching & Shareware_Hacking All-In-One freeware

a- Crack Searching Programms:

1- Craagle v1.91
2- CrackDownloader Plus v2.2 (released 10/07/2005)
3- Serials3k
4- Crack_Searcher
5- Crack_Buster v1.3
6- Galaxy search
7- Crack_Wizard

b- Shareware Hacking Programs:

1- Never Expire v2.0
2- Trial Doctor v1.3.1
3- Trial Reset v2.5
4- MicroBest CrackLock v3.8.4
5- Date Cracker 2000
6- Date Facker 32
7- Date Hacking v1.2

c- AIO eBook bonus:
Beginner Olly Cracking Tutorials
[9 detailed step-by-step tutorials]
By: Gabri3l, Shub-Nigurrath, MaDMAn_H3rCuL3s / ARTeam

Beginner tutorial 1: Serial fishing
Beginner tutorial 2: Internal Keygen and Patching
Beginner tutorial 3: Unpacking and Patching
Beginner tutorial 4: unpacking and patching, a more complex case v.1.1
Beginner Tutorial 5: Inline Patching
Beginner Tutorial 6: Packers theory v1.1
Beginner Tutorial 7: Cracking using Memory BP's
Beginner Tutorial 8: Breakpoints Theory v1.2
Beginner Tutorial 9: Defeating Magic Byte Protection
- Despite the debate, shareware Hacking programs are useful and do work in a several situations ...
- Press tutorial number to read in your browser


          SerialDevil - Desktop Edition v1.0
Now you can put the power of sDevil right on your desktop!
Search our entire massive database in realtime, straight from your personal computer.

You may also submit ss to our database, directly from this app.
SDDE is 100% clean, and spyware free.

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Crack/Serial Search/Download
File Trading (P2P Network)
BitTorrent Search
Direct DL Search
Inbuild Music/Video/Files Library

File->Exit bug Fix
Start application in maximized state
BitTorrent search
P2P downloads folder not always set as user-defined
Search layout interface changed


CrackBuster is a spyware and adware free tool to search and download Cracks, Serials, Covers, Cheats and Filesharing links without any risk!

Collectings informations from websites: ...

   This software is tools assaid . Ought to practice proprietary software to help information technology develop.