RapidPlus TM Components 2.5

RapidPLUS TM Components is a set of software development tools that extends capabilities of the RapidPlus IDE. 
This product reduces the time to market and development costs of RapidPlus Simulations. Latest version contains 37 components with fully working examples of usage, there are ActiveXes, DLLs, Rapid UDOs, .NET Controls and additional development tools.
.Net Bridge brings RapidPlus forward to the new modern world of the Microsoft .NET technology. Most of .NET Controls from the Visual Studio toolbox can be used directly in the RapidPlus code. It enables you to create your own components by C#, VB.NET or Managed C++ for using in the RapidPlus applications. 
Also it can be used for creating engines-simulators for Embedded projects with Windows Code Generation environment. Some of UDO components are fully generated. (e.g:  Linked List) 
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RapidPlus .NET Framework provides simple and convenient reflection-based API for using .NET components.
RapidPlus .NET Component - it is a form with controls, and you can create multiple instances of this form at runtime.

Integration of RapidPlus Simulations with MySQL Databases (OpenSource) via MySQL .NET Connector (OpenSource) was added in the latest version 2.5, together with DataGridView .NET Control, which you can use for viewing and editing, full-function example is available.
Another new feature in the 2.5 is Rapid Application Protection. Now you can provide per-computer licenses to your Rapid application customers.
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System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.