PCB Holder Mrk II.

I sure that this had happen to you that when soldering electronic for your project, you need more that two hands. You just don't feel like going and buying one only to solder few components. How about printing one for your self in 3 hours for about $4.50. The price include common items like hex nuts, threaded rod, and square tube.

I was originally inspired by
zignig's Printable Desk Clamp found here. I redesigned base to be more stable. This was accomplished by modular build instead of singe piece. However Mrk II base designs was more successful for printing as it had more simpler shape. In addition the moment up and down of the clamp was resign to be more sable. This was achieved by a small wheel instead of a sphere. Finally the clap itself has the ability to be as wide as needed. This is done by increasing the length of the threaded rod and square brass tube.


Render of PCB Holder Mrk II.

Note: This picture of all parts does not show two nuts that were already hammered in. I did not want to take them out. Also it does not show 20mm brass tubing that were also already hammered some of them in.

The Sub-Assembly

Full Assembly - Front View

Full Assembly - Back View

Bottom View showing the connection of legs to base

You can download the STL files here

Instructions and Bill Of Materials

Nuts and Bolts
#10 Half-Nuts x13
1/4-20 Bolt 2in long
1/4 Wing Nut

Rods and Tube
130mm, 120mm, 80mm, 50mm of #10-24 threaded rod
120mm x 2 Square brass tubing 3.2 mm outer diamter. Rails
20mm x 6 Square brass tubing 3.9 mm outer diamter. Guides
(Test the tubes at the store. The smaller tube should slide easily and snugly into the larger tube.)

Cut six larger diameter pieces 20mm long that would serve as guide for the rail which is the smaller diameter brass tube. Then tap then in into the stopper and hands with hammer.

Also, if the threaded rod is difficult to insert into the the plastic parts then you can drill them with a 6mm or 3/16in drill bit.

PCB HOLDER Bill of Materials

Future Improvements

  • Add coarse control
  • Add suction cups to base
  • Make z axis joint more stable (less prone to loosening)
  • Make clamp stiffer