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IGVC Vehicle - Rutgers Navigator

Fully Loaded

Chassis Design


Physical Assembly

Machining of the CAD Components


    IEEE Rutgers first year in IGVC (Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition) contest for 2011. The Rutgers Navigator, will be self driven vehicle capable of independent decision making when facing obstacles ahead its path. With custom made suspension mechanism allowing 6 inches of vertical motion of each wheel. Under normal load of about 150-200lb there is still 4.5 inch clearance from the ground. Still under these conditions the Rutgers Navigator is maintain more than 2 inches for each wheel to go downward independently, such as potholes, without loosing traction.

The Rutgers Navigator is to be assembled around winter brake and be drivable with remote control shortly after that. The AI based of ROS (Robot Operational System) will take some time and should be available the following months.

The Rutgers Navigator main purpose is to compete in the IGVC of summer 2011.

Machining Process

    - Making of the parts from the IGVC CAD models

Competition Race

    -  Click here to see the results from the competition.

IGVC 2011 - Rutgers Navigator

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