CNC Tesla - Second Prototype

In honor of Nikola Tesla and his gifts to humanity.

    The second prototype of CNC Tesla was build from the knowledge of the first prototype. Many of the parts were reused, however the frame has been redesigned to be much stronger and stiffer. The new 80/20 frame proves a better construction material with ease of adaptability to changing design needs.

    CNC Tesla main purpose is to help machine components to other future projects. It has already been proven that it can be used as pen plotter and mill wood, plastic, soft metals like copper and aluminum. In addition, through process known as PCB Isolation Routing it can also make custom PC board. Further more, through the fusion of 3D printer the Makerbot's Cupcake, it would be possible to adopt the plastruder tool-head to the CNC Tesla. Thus allowing to make 3D prints with much larger build space than 10x10 cm.

Pen Plotter Test 1

Pen Plotter Test 2

(3.5 hours build)

New Fixture for PCB Isolation Routing


Technical drawing of the new fixture
The new fixture can be fixed at the existing work-table.
It has half inch spacing and four 1/4"-20x1/2 flat head
screw for bolting.

Edge Clamp for the PCB Fixture

Sample of the fixture assembly. Includes one origin corner
 and two edge clamps.