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This website was created to host our projects ideas and documentations. You can find the projects that had already been completed and documented as well as those that are currently under development. One of our goals is to share these ideas and designs with the already growing community of open source designs.

you have happen to find yourself in a situation where you need some custom made part but you don't want to buy it from some place at price that does not seem convenient to you. How about a machine
that can do this for you and can even make replicas of it self. What would you do with such a machine? Will you design and manufacture something that just right what you need or even something that other people can benefit from? Imagine the ability to make something from only raw materials into something purposeful or something of an artistic value.
Reprap project was the inspiration for the new wave of manufacturing machines that can be assembled with little know how and some cash. Unlike commercial rapid prototyping machines that expensive to buy, maintain, and the printing material in not something one would wish to preserve rather to use it. You can read more about this idea here were manufacturing is for everyone.


This website houses more detailed documentation of the projects and designs that were published on Thingiverse.

 T003 - Automated Turret

Cupcake from MakerBot Industries is the main building CNC (Computer Numerical Control)  machine for now. Hopefully new Tesla CNC will add new capabilities like milling, etching, and drilling soft metals. In the future, the addition of the EDM tool head could allow for processing of harder metals that would extend the manufacturing of parts for other projects.

IGVC - Rutgers Navigator

Intelligent Ground Vehicle

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