Raphael Mourad

Assistant Professor in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.



Tel: (+33) 7 81 60 15 41


3D genome

DNA repair


Current position

I am assistant professor in biostatistics/bioinformatics and genomics data analysis at University of Toulouse III (Paul Sabatier). I work on the development of new computational methods for (epi)-genomic data analysis in the team Chromatin and DNA repair (Gaëlle Legube) where I develop a computational biology subgroup. I am currently focusing on the 3D genome (Hi-C data) and epigenetic marks (ChIP-seq). I am trying to better understand the role of DNA sequences, insulator binding proteins and cofactors on the 3D folding of chromosomes and its evolution, gene expression, DNA replication, DNA repair, as well as HIV integration.

I also teach biostatistics and next-generation sequencing data analysis for both biology and bioinformatics students. For bioinformatics students, I teach genome assembly from next-generation sequencing, genotype calling, variant annotation, and the data analysis of ChIP-seq and RNA-seq. For biology students, I teach statistics and data analysis, online bioinformatic tools (BLAST, Genome Browser,...) and databases, and genome-wide association studies.

Previous positions

2013-2014: MAB team of LIRMM lab (France). Transmission of drug-resistance mutations in HIV using a phylogenetic approach.

2012-2013: University of Chicago (USA). Whole-genome sequencing data in asthma.

2011-2012: Indiana University (USA). 3D genome reorganization following estrogen induction (Hi-C), and late response gene discovery from time-series gene expression data.


2008-2011: PhD from the University of Nantes. My work has been honored "thèse remarquable" from University of Nantes. Linkage disequilibrium modeling and visualization, genome-wide association studies using Bayesian networks, and the latent tree model.