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Check out the call for papers of the International Symposium in Finance (www.isfinance.org) I am co-organizing between July 27-29, 2018 in Kissamos, Crete.

Welcome to my personal home page. I am Professor of Finance and Director of Research at Norwich Business School (NBS), University of East Anglia (UEA), UK. NBS is ranked 9th amongst UK Business Schools for research outputs (REF 2014) whilst UEA is a world top 100 university for research excellence (Leiden Ranking 2016). In terms of subject area, Accounting and Finance at UEA is ranked as 6th in the UK (Guardian). I am also Distinguished Professor in the Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration, Hong Kong. In the past I held an Associate Professorship at Athens University of Economics and Business and a Royal Economic Society Junior Fellowship at the Department of Economics at Loughborough University.
    I have taught a variety of subjects over the past 20 years in corporate and investment finance, valuation, project finance, entrepreneurial finance, energy finance, financial econometrics, mathematics and statistics. I am a regular speaker at academic and professional conferences and my work has attracted funding in excess of £300,000 and attention by media such as Reuters, Bloomberg, Financial Times, BBC, Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail. I am currently also on the board of the Norwich Financial Industry Group (FIG).
    Through my research I have made contributions in three main areas: information finance (here is my widely cited work on the use of Google Trends to proxy financial information demand), estimation risk (recent work here) and environmental finance (here is my work on carbon asset pricing, Scopus data ranks this as one of the top 60 most cited in finance since 2009 amongst 30,000+ papers). I'm particularly interested in analysing financial information and problems using new types and sources of data. Most of the methodologies that I employ are described in the 3rd edition of the monograph "The Econometric Modelling of Financial Time Series" (by Cambridge University Press) which I have co-authored with Terry Mills (click here to take a peek inside this book). For bibliometrics of my work see SSRN, Google Scholar, IDEAS and ResearchGate. I have 30 papers recorded in Scopus (Google citations) with over 450 (2,600) citations.
    My professional experience includes 20 years of consulting and training for organizations in the US, UK, Germany, Greece and Luxemburg. My interests and expertise are mostly linked to my research. At present, I'm doing work on: cost of capital for regulated industries, car leasing residual value risk management and analytics, asset management applications of estimation risk, and, trading system design using events, social media and big data. Feel free to contact me on my gmail.com address (raphael.markellos prefix) if you need my help with advisory services or training.
    To follow my tweets please visit @UtopianMarket. If you are interested in doing a PhD or research with me at Norwich Business School, please have a look at my papers below and send me an email through my UEA account. You can also have a look at the information of the NBS Finance Group.

Working Papers (click on title to view abstract and download from SSRN)

  1. Investor Co-Attention and Stock Market Comovement (with Efthymia Symitsi) 

Selected Publications

  1. Is there an Olympic Gold Medal Rush in the Stock Market? (with Jessica Y. Wang), European Journal of Finance. Available online.
  2. An International Comparison of Implied, Realized and GARCH Volatility Forecasts (with Lazaros Symeonidis and Apostolos Kourtis), Journal of Futures Markets, 36 (12), 1164–1193, 2016.
  3. Sovereign Debt Markets in Light of the Shadow Economy (with Dimitris Psychoyios and Friedrich Schneider), European Journal of Operational Research, 252 (1), 220-231, 2016.
  4. Dynamic Interaction between Markets for Leasing and Selling Automobiles (with Athanasios Andrikopoulos), Journal of Banking and Finance, 50, 260–270 (Open Access), 2015.
  5. Electricity futures prices in an emissions constrained economy: Evidence from European power markets (with George Daskalakis and Lazaros Symeonidis), Energy Journal, 36 (3), 2015.
  6. Information Demand and Stock Market Volatility (with Nikolaos Vlastakis), Journal of Banking and Finance, 36 (6), 1808–1821, 2012. Included in most cited paper list produced by journal.
  7. Parameter Uncertainty in Portfolio Selection: Shrinking the Inverse Covariance Matrix (with Apostolos Kourtis and George Dotsis), Journal of Banking and Finance, 36 (9), 2522–2531, 2012.
  8. Wine Price Risk Management: International Diversification and Derivative Instruments (with Apostolos Kourtis and Dimitris Psychoyios), International Review of Financial Analysis, 22, April 30–37, 2012.
  9. A Jump Diffusion Model for VIX Volatility Options and Futures (with Dimitris Psychoyios and George Dotsis), Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 35 (3), 245-269, 2010.
  10. Modeling CO2 Emission Allowance Prices and Derivatives: Evidence from the European Trading Scheme (with George Daskalakis and Dimitris Psychoyios), Journal of Banking and Finance, 33 (7), 1230–1241, 2009. 
  11. The Econometric Modelling of Financial Time Series (with Terence Mills), 3rd Edition, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008.
  12. The Finite Sample Properties of the GARCH Option Pricing Model (with George Dotsis), Journal of Futures Markets, 27 (6), pp. 599-615, 2007.

Other Publications

  1. Interest rate volatility and risk management: Evidence from CBOE Treasury options (with Dimitris Psychoyios),  Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 2017 (online)
  2. Optimal Hedge Ratio Estimation and Effectiveness using ARCD (with Eleftheria Kostika), Journal of Forecasting, 32 (1), 41–50, 2013.
  3. Environmental Policy Implications of Extreme Variations in Pollutant Stock Levels and Socioeconomic Costs (with Vasiliki Makropoulou and George Dotsis), Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 53 (4), 417–428, 2013.
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  7. Traded American Options are Bermudan (with Apostolos Kourtis), Managerial Finance, 37 (11), 978-984, 2011.
  8. Corporate Real Estate Analysis: Evaluating Telecom Branch Efficiency in Greece (with Manolis Kritikos and Gregory Prastacos), Applied Economics, 42 (9), pp. 1133-1143, 2010.
  9. Does the Weather Affect Stock Market Volatility? (with Lazaros Symeonidis and George Daskalakis), Finance Research Letters, 7, 214–223, 2010.
  10. How Efficient is the European Football Betting Market? Evidence from Arbitrage and Trading Strategies (with Nikolaos Vlastakis and George Dotsis), Journal of Forecasting, 28 (5), pp.426-444, 2009. 
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PhD students & first placements

  • George Dotsis, Lecturer in Finance, Essex Business School, University of Essex
  • Dimitris Psychoyios, Lecturer in Finance, Manchester Business School
  • Vasiliki Makropoulou, Assistant Professor, Utrecht School of Economics, Universiteit Utrecht
  • George Daskalakis, Lecturer in Finance, NBS, UEA
  • Eleftheria Kostika, (continued in) Bank of Greece
  • Apostolos Kourtis, Senior Lecturer in Finance, NBS, UEA
  • Nikos Vlastakis, Lecturer in Finance, Cranfield School of Management
  • Yichun Wang, Lecturer, Nottingham Business School.
  • Efthymia Symitsi 
  • Trung Le (2016 - ), PhD candidate NBS, UEA; under Vietnamese government scholarship
  • Lucia Murgia (2016 -), PhD candidate NBS, UEA; under NBS Graduate Teaching Assistantship
  • Saif Al Mutairi (2016 - ), PhD candidate NBS, UEA; under Oman government scholarship
  • Jiaoshan Li (2016 - ), PhD candidate NBS, UEA
  • Matt Burke (2017 - ), PhD candidate NBS, UEA; under NBS Graduate Teaching Assistantship
  • Bob Leung (2017 - ), PhD candidate, International Hellenic University.