Student Success

Val Price
Four years ago I did a Ransackers course at Ruskin. I subsequently gained a place at the University of Chester and today have just received my final degree mark. I have somehow managed to come out with a First!!! The project I did at Ransackers was the portrayal of women by male authors and, during the process, I realised that the authors removed the women's mothers to make them more vulnerable. The dissertation I have just completed in my final year here at Chester was called ‘O Mother, Where Art Thou? The Absent Mother in the Sensation Novel' and took my project to the next level, looking at the novels of Thomas Hardy and Wilkie Collins. I achieved 82 per cent for it and some very complimentary comments from the three markers. I am now doing an MA course on 19th Century Culture and Literature and am really enjoying it. Many thanks for your encouragement and help at the beginning of my second stab at education. You have opened up a brand new world for me.