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Vi Hughes - (1922 - 2013)
Founder of Ransackers project

Vi Hughes set up  the Ransackers project (from the Gaelic rannsachadh – to rummage, research, explore) to allow people over 55 years old to undertake a research project of their choice at Ruskin and Plater Colleges, Oxford.

A fuller account of Vi Hughes and the Ransackers Project is pending

Stephen Newman
Stephen Newman, Vice Chair of the Ransackers Association, has died after a long battle with cancer. Stephen became a student of the Ransackers Project in January 2005. Like many of his generation, Stephen had gone straight from school at the age of 15 into work in order to support the family income and enhance the opportunities of his younger siblings. Lack of a degree was a disappointment rather than a disadvantage and Stephen progressed through his working life to become MD of a communications company employing 100 people in five nationwide branches. Having reached retirement and finding space between his voluntary commitments, Stephen embarked upon the study and research that are the Ransackers Project at Ruskin. Stephen relished the opportunity and, having enjoyed the whole experience himself, wanted to ensure that other people could benefit in the same way. Stephen was a founder member of the Ransackers Association and, for the last four years, has been a dedicated Vice Chair, giving generously of his diminishing time and energy to support and guide us in our quest to continue the Ransackers ideal. ‘Stephen in a nutshell’ - not really possible, but wit, wisdom and a wicked sense of humour spring to mind. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him. Stephen is survived by his wife Carlie, daughters Tracy and Tiffany and their families.
Stephen Newman, born 14 February 1939; died 14 January 2013