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7th Prefixes, Roots, and Suffixes

7th Grade Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots

The basic parts of a word are:

Root or base word

A root or base refers to the essential part of the word and is where the word derives its meaning.

A prefix can be considered a syllable that is attached to the front of a word that can alter or change the meaning of the root word.

A suffix can be considered a letter or letters added to the end of a word that can change its tense and/or meaning of the root word.

Prefixes             Meaning                     Examples
a-/an-                 not, without                     amoral
be-                     to cause, become           beside, behave
mid-                    middle                           midsize, midterm, midtown
post-                 after, later                         postpone, posttest, postscript
semi-                 partly, half                     semicircle, semiannual
super-                 over, more than             supernatural, supervise

Suffixes         Meaning                         Examples
-ant/-ent         one who                             servant, immigrant, assistant, resident
-ess             one who (female)                 waitress, princess, hostess, actress
-ism             doctrine of, principle of         capitalism, socialism, communism, patriotism
-ist             one who practices                 biologist, communist, capitalist, dentist

Roots*         Meaning                         Examples
aero (L)         air                                 aerobics, aerodynamics, aeronautics
aqua (L)        water                               aquarium, aquatic, aqueous, aquifer
biblio (G)       book                                bibliography, bibliophile, Bible
bio (G)           life                                 biology, biography, biosphere, biochemistry
chron (G)       time                               chronological, synchronize, chronic, chronicle
dem (G)        people                            democracy, demography, endemic, epidemic
geo (G)         earth                              geography, geometry, geology
graph (G)      write                                photograph, autograph, biography, graphite
hemi (G)        half                                hemisphere
meter (G)      measure                          thermometer, centimeter, diameter, barometer
micro (G)      small                              microscope, microcomputer, microprocessor
migr (L)        change, move                  migrate, immigrant, migratory
mim (L)        same                              mimic, mime, pantomime, mimeograph
mort (L)        death                              mortician, mortuary, mortal, immortal, mortify
phon (G)       sound                              phonograph, symphony, telephone, microphone
photo (G)       light                               photograph, telephoto, photosynthesis, photogenic
scrib/script (L)     write                         inscribe, describe, prescribe, script, transcript
tele (G)             distant, from afar           telephone, telegram, telekinesis
test (L)             to witness or affirm         testimony, testament, testify

*(L) = Latin, (G) = Greek