Program Schedule

Session 1

09:00-09:05 - Welcome

09:05-10:05 - Invited talk by Ralph Grishman
The Knowledge Base Population Task: Challenges for Information Extraction

10:05-10:30  - Fine-Grained Entity Set Refinement With User Feedback
Bonan Min and Ralph Grishman

10:30-11:00    MORNING BREAK  

Session 2

11:00-11:25  - Extraction Of Domain-Specific Opinion Words For Similar Domains
Ilia Chetviorkin and Natalia Loukachevitch

11:25-11:50  - The Role Of Predicates In Opinion Holder Extraction
Michael Wiegand and Dietrich Klakow

11:50-12:15  - Dependency-Based Text Compression For Semantic Relation Extraction
Marcos Garcia and Pablo Gamallo

12:15-14:15  LUNCH  

Session 3

14:15-14:40  - How To Distinguish A Kidney Theft From A Death Car? Experiments In Clustering Urban-Legend Texts
Roman Grundkiewicz and Filip Graliński

14:40-15:05  - Machine Reading Between The Lines: A Simple Evaluation Framework For Extracted Knowledge Bases
Avirup Sil and Alexander Yates

15:05-15:30  - Temporal Expressions Extraction In Sms Messages
Stéphanie Weiser, Louis-Amélie Cougnon and Patrick Watrin

15:30-16:00  AFTERNOON BREAK  

Session 4

16:00-17:00 - Invited talk by Ralf Steinberger
Bringing Multilingual Information Extraction to the User

17:00-18:00 - Panel

- Kevin Cohen, University of Colorado, School of Medicine
- Georgi Georgiev, Ontotext AD
- Petya Osenova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
- Kiril Simov, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
- Elena Paskaleva, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

18:00-18:05 - Closing remarks