Invited Talks

Talk 1: The Knowledge Base Population Task: Challenges for Information Extraction
    Ralph Grishman, New York University

The Knowledge Base Population (KBP) task, being run for the past 3 years  by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology, is the  latest in a series of multi-site evaluations of information extraction,  following in the tradition of MUC and ACE.  We examine the structure of  KBP, emphasizing the basic shift from sentence-by-sentence and  document-by-document evaluation to corpus-based extraction and the  challenges it raises for cross-sentence and cross-document processing.   We consider the problems raised by the limited amount and incompleteness  of the training data, and how this has been (partly) addressed through  such methods as semi-supervised learning and distant supervision.  We  describe some of the optional tasks which have been included  -- rapid  task adaptation (last year), temporal analysis (this year),  cross-lingual extraction (planned for next year) -- and others which  have been suggested.

Talk 2: Bringing Multilingual Information Extraction to the User
    Ralf Steinberger, European Commission Joint Research Centre

The speaker will give an overview of how various text mining tools (information extraction, aggregation of multilingual information, document classification, trend analysis, and more) are combined in the Europe Media Monitor (EMM) family of applications to help users in their daily work. EMM was developed by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC), whose users include EU Institutions, national EU member state organisations, international organisations such as United Nations sub-organisations, and selected international partners (e.g. in the USA, in Canada and in China). The presentation will thus have an overview character rather than going into much technical detail. EMM applications are publicly accessible at For scientific details and publications, see