Benson Tsai is a rankmaniac. At least, according to science of the web.


rank  (n.)
early 14c., from O.Fr. ranc, from Frankish *hring (cf. O.H.G. hring "circle, ring"), from P.Gmc. *khrengaz "circle, ring" (see ring). Meaning "social position" is from c.1430; the verb sense of "put in order, classify" is from 1592. Rank and file is 1598, in reference to soldiers marching in formation, generalized to "common soldiers" (1796) and "common people" (1860). The verb meaning "to arrange things in order" is from 1590.


maniac (adj.) Look up maniac at Dictionary.com
1604, from Fr. maniaque, from L.L. maniacus, from Gk. maniakos, from mania (see mania). The noun is attested from 1763, from the adj.