If you've stumbled across this site looking for unique ways to add fun and excitement to your current curricula, it is my sincere hope that you find what you're looking for!

What you can expect from this site...

...links to excellent online game generators.
...easily modifiable game templates.
...sample review games.
...and more!

What you shouldn't expect from this site...(i.e., "Disclaimer")

The resources contained on this website will never be able to replace the quality instruction of a competent and talented educator, like you.  Nor do I believe it can provide the same benefits as experiential learning.  These tools are not a panacea for all the challenges we face as educators, but I have discovered that these games are exactly what my students who struggle with motivation need...something fun and educational that students can lose themselves in.  Furthermore, it should certainly be noted that I am not a technology guru, nor do I consider myself an expert in pedagogy.  Instead, this website should serve simply as a compilation of educational games and other resources that I've had success with in my classroom.  

Although I teach in a high school setting, I hope you find that many of the tools and activities on this website can be used across all age levels and disciplines.  (In other words, if students know how to use a computer, they should be able to play these games!) 

If you have any questions regarding any of the templates or links found on this site, please don't hesitate to contact me, but until on! J

Educationally yours,

Nicholas Rankin