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Talking Points for Charter Review Testimony - 08-17-2008

posted Feb 23, 2011, 9:15 PM by Ranked Choice Voting Washington

ADOPT RANKED CHOICE VOTING (aka Instant Runoff Voting)


We have a real chance to build on the recent success of Pierce County where Instant Runoff Voting (IRV), aka Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), was supported by a majority of that county’s voters and will now be used in most county elections starting this year. We can do this by convincing the King County Charter Review Commission, which recommends charter changes to the King County Council every decade, to recommend the adoption of IRV as our county’s voting system.


In case you are not familiar with the advantages of IRV, additional information may be obtained by looking at or


You can help by writing a letter as soon as possible urging Charter Review Commission members to recommend the adoption of IRV to the King County Council. Also consider attending the meetings of the Commission. Their schedule is found at


Address Your Letter to:

King County Charter Review Commission

C/0 Mark Yango -Charter Coordinator

Executive Office-Columbia Center

701 5th Avenue Suite 3210

Seattle, WA 98104


or via email Charter Review King County Government

or call (206) 296-4628 to leave a message in support of IRV


Talking Points 

  • RCV is more democratic and representative than our current plurality system because it ensures that the winner is supported by a majority of voters. It encourages higher voter turnout and is a more precise measurement of voter preferences. 

  • RCV allows people to vote for their preferred candidates without the threat that by doing so they may help elect the candidates they support the least.

  • RCV offers a positive alternative to the unpopular “pick a party” primary since it accomplishes the narrowing down function of primaries in a single election. It therefore has the potential to save hundreds of thousands of dollars each cycle by consolidating the low-turnout August primary into the high-turnout general election.

  • RCV has proven very popular around the country from Cambridge, Massachusetts where it has been used for decades, to Burlington, Vermont to San Francisco, where it has earned high voter reviews since being instituted in 2005, to Pierce County, where it was supported by a clear majority of the voters when placed on the ballot in 2006. In fact, RCV has won in each of the last ten elections where it was placed on the ballot.


For more information contact Instant Runoff Voting of
Washington (IRVWA) (206) 523-3656,