Racism --- Hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.
I have been in Girl Scouts since 5th grade and am working on my Gold Award.  The Gold Award is the highest award a Girl Scout can receive.  I decided to title my project "Rani's Roses Against Racism", because I have experienced racism in elementary school, and I wanted to make a change.  If you are experiencing racism, check this website out for some advice.
For part of my project, I designed a rose out of duct tape.  The petals consist of: White, Beige, Brown, and Black, all represent the skin color of people.  The next color is Tie-Dye, and that is the mixture of all races.  Then we have the color Red, which represents the hatred part.  Lastly, we have the Green that represents the petals, and also the thorns.  There are 7 total colors used in making this rose.
Please sign my pledge that says simply "I Promise To Honor Myself And Others".  You can click on the website that will show up after you sign the pledge, and make one of your own. :)
If any questions about my story, or my roses, feel free to email me at "" Love to hear what you think! :)
Please pass the word along. :)
Thank you!