Fox's Point

A close-up of the sign.

A Funicular Railway on Mount Dandenong

* From the Melbourne Walker 1956 Vol.27 page 64.

A NEW thrill and a novel experience is provided for visitors to Mount Dandenong by Fox's Point Scenic Railway, which has a gradient of one in one in a vertical rise of 110 ft.

Fox's Point is one mile beyond Montrose, on the road from Croydon to Mount Dandenong. Passengers travel on this railway by cable car, 200 feet up the slope of the mountain, to a lookout platform. On the platform is a refreshment booth, a museum, and a powerful astronomical telescope, which, on a clear night, will show the canals and mountains on the surface of the moon. From this telescope can also be seen planes at the Essendon airport, and Melbourne city buildings. It will enable you to tell the time by the Lilydale clock, five miles away. The power plant of the railway is a 1927 model Oldsmobile car chassis, which also actuates a dynamo for supplying electricity for lighting up the railway and the landing platforms, as well as the house in which Mr. Neil Foxcroft, the constructor and proprietor of the railway, resides. Mr. Foxcroft originally built the railway for carrying building materials up the hill to his house; he later got the idea of using the railway to advertise the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

The railway is controlled by a complicated system of levers and electric switches on the lookout platform. Visiting engineers have expressed surprise and admiration at the enterprise and ingenuity of Mr. Foxcroft in designing and constructing the whole concern single handed. There is a loud speaker at the entrance below, from which Mr. Foxcroft can speak to intending passengers, who can also speak back to him by a two-way system.

The railway is open to visitors all day on Sundays and public holidays, every week-day afternoon, and after 8 p.m. on Saturdays. —Cecil Pincus.

"Then the spirit drove me into the wilderness to my mountains and valleys, by the side of the great sea and by the haunted forests. Once more, the vast dome of heaven became the roof of my house, and within the house was rebuilded that which my soul called beautiful."—Stephen Graham.

From Broadbent's map No. 199 The Dandenongs showing location.

(1961 issue)


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Melbourne Walker 1956 Vol.27 page 64.