KVM  scroll lock, scroll lock  listen for the beep... then arrow key

Acronis TrueImage9    RCKS7-CTD7M-2T7GB-QW233-KZEF9 

Adobe 5 Full                AEGON  KWW500R7753799-851
Adobe Acrobat 5.0      AOW301E7163537-390
Adobe Acrobat 3.0.1   AOW301E7163537-390

Adobe Illustrator 7.0   ABW700E7107549-231

Adobe Illustrator 10.0 
If you don't use this patch the program will not
work between Jan 1st 2002 and Jan 19th 2038.

Run this patch in this directory:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Illustrator 10\Support Files\Contents\Windows

Note: if you are installing and it doesn't
accept your serial number, just set your system
clock back to 2001 then use this serial:   1034-0021-7155-9289-4954-2867

Adobe Streamline 4.0  SBW400R7108633-595 
Adobe Photoshop 7.0:  1045-1238-4275-4801-0237-5287
Adobe Photoshop 4.0   7139809-167
Adobe Photoshop CS    Enter # 11111111111111111111
                      Copy contents of \crack directory to your Photoshop directory
                      (replacing the installed files)  Enjoy!!  :)
Adobe Create Suite 2 Premium Edition   1131-1154-5587-3783-2410-0842
                      Request Code     7106 - 6117 - 1378 - 0120 - 2333 - 1980 - 0000
                      Answer Code      1276-8238-7977-0290-8789
                      Note:  Use the key generator                
Note - select using Phone to Activate                     

Apollo DivX to DVD Creator:   Ray Fernandes 1BB515FE-262407B0-2872FB10-8F161A57-5F23A24F-0A7

Cool Button Tool      1176268997
Corel Draw 6.0        1242-1828-9872

Freehand10              WHW500-07327-57237-19407
Freehand 11 MX        FHW110-06682-67165-84937

ISO Buster                rfernandes@kc.rr.com_LNQIGKSREYAIXMNWRKP

Studio MX 2004 (Flash Professional, Dreamweaver en Fireworks):

Macromedia            Dreamweaver 8  WPD800-51131-30332-85291                 
Music Match               UKJ2R-QKR4W-3WL3U-3J599

Nero Suite                 1A20-0100-0000-1603-2080-7145
Nero Burn Room        1502-1000-0178-0586-2443-1772
Office 2000                PRQYP-BQ69B-9QF3X-G8QYV-C4CYG

Ominpage Pro 4        2889P-W01-J9E2-4A6R-6D
Omnipage Pro 8.0.1
Key#=86802233 PIN#=2103914 Registration#=79758855 Serial#=2801A-G00-035948

Power dvd 5              MV97461288947293
Scansoft 10                68090 A56 E0EF D08G F7                     
VideoAudio Suite C    AM77R7859675M393    [CyberLink]
WinACE 2.6                 Name:best          Serial: ACEBPAR8JZ5YZW562IQHTAUCZA2

WinAmp 5.12              Ray Fernandes       AHN8K-BWSS9-2Y1QS-3CH7K
WINXP Professional    FCKGW-RHQQ2-YXRKT-8TC6W-2B7Q8

Note:  PF2 on Dell let's WindowsXP open in Safe Mode where the Administrator

          is viewable - then go in and uninstall last program which caused problems

     performance settings
Winzip                         Raymond Fernandes   32607127


Raymond Fernandes
01 0001
29cca3a7 8aa40798 10c05024 39bf10a7 74653a09 2d9a13b9
b585977f f5ee8562 57eae905 49e5b286 6181c7e8 5522645b
57eae905 49e5b286 6181c7e8 5522645b 57eae905 49e5b286
6181c7e8 5522645b bfa69d1d 71714eeb b51f78a6 5a74c3de

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