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Thank you!

After fourteen seasons in as many years, the Rangeless Riders have been forced to close our doors to the Cowboy Action Shooting Community.

 On December 5, a telephone call from the President of the Highland Pistol and Rifle Club was made the President of the Rangeless Riders in order to convey the message that by the vote of the Executive Board of the HPRC the Cowboy Action venue is no longer desired to be offered as part of their activities.

 We will all continue to see all of you at other venues.  We encourage all of our former shooters to support and continue to participate at all of the other local venues in SASS community.

 The term Rangeless Riders was coined by a group of cowboys who had no range to call their own.  We kept the name after we found one.  We are now once again “rangeless”.  We have since added several new faces to that group.

 While we have suffered a devastating blow, we Rangeless Riders will continue to support our fellow clubs and venues, wear our badges with pride, and continue to be a part of the local Cowboy Action Shooting community.

 Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we do our best in following divine guidance in order to determine if we are destine to find a new home.

 Sincerely, the currently active Rangeless Riders:


Jean Duke Picard

Miss Kissy

Hassayampa John Mossman

Will E. Hittum

Joseph Shelby

Katie Talon

Little Millie

Wild Bart

Betty Don’t Hittum

Izzy Lost

Shirley Eis Lost

Mae B Trouble

 Special thanks to former Rangeless Riders and participants in years past for your support:

Silver Creek Pete

Colonel Darlin

Mimi Darlin

I. M. Heeled

I. Rob Banks

Bob N Weeve

Miss Weve

Roger the Dog


Blackfoot Bob

Tincup Tin Horn

Kentucky Lawman

Ace Troubleshooter

Ross Haney

Quick Cash

Rusty Gates

Sweet Talkin’ Mary

Cascade Charlie

…and countless more fellow Cowboys who helped us build, manage, maintain, and support us over the years.


Via Con Dios

Welcome to the Rangeless Riders!

Or for more information contact:

Jean Duke (aka Dan Picard) at (618)210-2586