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Article (alphabetical)Synopsis
2010 New Year's Resolution: Quit Smoking and Help Others Stop Too Tips and resources on how to quit smoking and helping others stop smoking too. Join the Winning Quitter Challenge! 
AC Twitter Challenge Increase Web Exposure How Twitter has raised my PVs. Increase exposure with Twitter!! 
America's Muscle Car: The History and Evolution Ford Mustang Ford has manufactured the Mustang for over forty years. Here is a look at America's pony muscle car from inception to present production. 
Asparagus Potato Soup Yummy Amish vegetable soup 
Asus Eee Netbook Power Cord Solution Researching various technology forums revealed the Eee PC 900HD power cord problem to be a widespread problem. It also led me to try this strange SOLUTION: You are going to laugh and I offer my theory on why this works! 
Beer Battered Alaskan Halibut Recipe Here you will find: Alaskan Halibut nutrition information, link to buy fresh/never frozen halibut and a fabulous recipe that you can deep fried or oven cook. 
Best Christmas 90s Movies The 1990's produced many new, fun and original Christmas movies. 
Best Christmas Movies for Kids and Adults From 1946 to present, these are the best Christmas movies for kids and adults. 
Best Hiding Spots for the Easter Basket Where to hide the Easter basket? Ideas suitable for toddlers, pre-school, elementary age and adolescents. Don't forget to leave some egg droppings. 
Best Kids Movies of 2009 Ranee Wright's list of the top 10 greatest kids movies, includes 3 top Disney movies, from 2009. 
Best of AC: Halloween Costumes Plus Size Men Review and links to best AC Content articles for original, character and homemade Halloween costumes for plus size men. 
Best Ten Sports Comedy Movies You Will Have a Ball Watching These ten classic sports films are funny, witty and sure to make you laugh. This list of best sports comedy flicks begins with goofy golf movies, followed by comical baseball, football, and dodge ball film classics. 
Book Review of Self-Made Man by Norah Vincent Can you imagine living one day as a man? Do you think it would be easier than being a woman? Norah goes incognito and reports her findings in Self-Made Man. 
Buy Green - Best Eco Friendly Bedding Buy Green products range from mattresses to pillow cases and are made from organic wool and organic cotton. Their Eco friendly bedding is sustainable, safe and perfect for allergy relief. 
Cajun Creole Cuisine Recipes to Spice Up Any Mardi Gras Party Cajun Creole cuisine is found on a traditional Mardi Gras menu. Here are main dishes, dessert and drink recipes for your Mardi Gras theme party. Have a wonderful Fat Tuesday by enjoying traditional New Orleans cooking and don't forget the music! 
Cars and Trucks: Vehicle Rating and the Hierarchy This cars and trucks analogy poem and unique vehicle rating is not as simplistic as you might think. 
Cat Eye Anatomy + How to Communicate with Your Cat Discover how cat eyes work, cat eye anatomy and learn to communicate with your cat. 
Cat Proof Artificial Christmas Tree Kittens SOL How to have a Christmas tree with kittens or cats in the house. Put your 3 foot artificial Christmas tree on a shelf! 
Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins Recipe with Crumb Topping Low fat cooking made easy with this yummy chocolate chip zucchini bread recipe. Great bread recipe - zucchini muffins that your kids will eat! 
Christmas Dinner in Jamaica Jamaican Christmas recipes and traditions. 
Christmas Haiku for Children A Christmas Haiku for AC's Holiday Haiku Contest of 2009. 
Christmas Tradition of Kissing Under Mistletoe Mistletoe is defined as a parasitic shrub having leathery evergreen leaves and waxy white berries. It has been used as a Christmas decoration since Victorian times. 
Classic Party Music for Mardi Gras 2010: New Orleans Style Traditional Mardi Gras music compilation, featuring New Orleans jazz, R & B, funk and blues. Tunes to play during your Mardi Gras event. Songs you'll definitely hear while partying in New Orleans. 
Classic Road Trip Songs - Sweet Ensemble Classic rock rules! Threw in a little pop w/some U2. 
Clinical Research Study on Naltrexone for Alcohol Dependence - Should You Participate? Qualifying for the Pharmacogenetic Naltrexone Alcohol clinical trial - positives, negatives and my opinion on prescription drugs and being a subject in medical research. 
Crock Pot Goulash Recipe It's so easy to make and is a healthy way to meet your intake of vegetables, protein, and pasta. Writing this makes me hungry!! 
Danville Area School District in Danville, Pennsylvania's Preparation for Swine Flu Preparing and planing for Swine Flu in Danville, PA schools. 
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie Premiere Changed to March 2010! Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series comedy will be in theaters this month. The wimpy kid series is a humorous story of middle school misadventures. Plus other family films in theaters March 2010. 
Don McKay Movie Trailer, Release Date and Review Spring is the perfect time to go see a movie in theaters. Don McKay is a must-see thriller out in theaters soon. It is the story of rekindled love, deceit and murder. 
Don't Quit - Poem The famous and unforgettable poem, writer unfortunately unknown. 
Do You Agree with Taxing Indoor Tanning Services? The indoor tanning tax in proposed health care bill has raised concerns among owners of tanning salons. Those that love the year-round tan may need to budget 10% more for their fake tan. A fast food tax could be next! 
Duke Basketball MySpace Layouts and Graphics Codes If you are searching for free Duke basketball MySpace graphic and layout codes, look no further. These websites offer MySpace themes codes without having to download anything or sign-up. 
Five Places to Buy a Purple Christmas Tree Online I set out to answer where to buy purple artificial trees online. I also provide dimensions, how much including shipping, features and payment options. 
Flashback - Parallel Lives Micro-story about two men with parallel lives. There are other parallels, as well. Can you find them? 
Freelance Writing for Money If you are interested in writing, join me on this journey of discovery, extra money, and improving your writing with AC. 
Geisinger Danville Prepares for Swine Flu H1N1 swine flu symptoms, prevention, and priorities for treatment. 
Green Spring Cleaning Supplies: 10 Must Have Cleaning Tools Ten must-have tools and spring cleaning supplies needed for windows, furniture, fans, cupboards and walls. Green spring cleaning tools and tips that will help the environment and leave your house smelling fresh and looking sparkly clean. 
Guide to Best Local Barbers and Hair Stylists in Danville, Pennsylvania Here is your guide to the best local barbers and hair salons in Danville, PA 17821. The guide includes my picks of local barbers in the downtown Danville area; family, classy and manly. 
Haiku Poem Celebrate Life This haiku reflects my loves. 
Halloween 2009 Movie Marathons  Cartoon Network, SciFi channel, ABC Family, AMC, TCM 
Hanging an Upside Down Christmas Tree Great way to prevent toddlers, puppies and kittens from climbing tree or playing with decorations. 
Health Care Reform Supporter The basics of why I support health care reform. 
Healthy Eating and Exercise for Weight Control and Wellness Facts and ideas to help you lose weight and stay healthy without being hungry. 
Healthy Five Minutes Meal Ideas for Valentine's Day with Vegan Options Super easy meal ideas including alternatives for vegans. Perfect for couples preparing Valentine's Day lunch or dinner at home. Wraps, Salads, Fruit Dip, Fruit Salad, Spinach Tomato Bean Parmesan Toast 
Healthy Halloween Treats - Alternatives to Candy This list of healthy Halloween treat alternatives to candy would mostly be appreciated by the younguns, there are some choices that would befit kids of all ages.  
Holiday Leftovers - Healthy Meals: Nutritious Soup and Chili Recipes Not sure what to do with all of those holiday leftovers? These healthy soup and chili recipes are simple, satisfying and nutritious. Nutrition facts are included for each recipe. 
Hope for 2008 First Time Home Buyer Credit It seems many have been waiting for the check credit to be mailed to them. I am in that pool. Amended 2008 tax return in February and finally received notice that check will be mailed October 2, 2009. 
Hope for Haiti Now: Global Telethon Sparked by George Clooney: Airs January 22 Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, UN World Food Programe, Oxfam America, Parters in Health, American Red Cross, UNICEF, and Yele Haiti Foundation will receive proceeds from Haiti Now Telethon. 
Hope for Haiti Now: Outreach for Haitian Children After 2010 Earthquake and Beyond Help the children of Haiti after the detrimental 2010 earthquake shattered families. Learn how you can adopt a Haitian child. Find out where to donate to legit charitable organizations that are delivering aid to the poor people of Haiti. 
How to Make a Woman a Cowboy for Halloween Have fun this Halloween by dressing up as a man - Cowboy to be exact. Take note of different reactions people have. Play the part and you will have a blast. 
How to Self Publish and Sell Your Book Getting published is easy using CafePress. How to self publish and sell your book is a click away! Cafepress also offers marketing techniques. Open a store at Cafepress and create merchandise related to your self published book. 
Hummus Recipe Variations and Hummus Nutrition Facts Hummus is a very versatile and mutritious food choice. Use as a dip or sandwich spread. There are so many different variation of hummus that you can make. The best hummus recipe variations: simple hummus, red pepper, spicy, pumpkin, sweet potato. 
I Am Mad About Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Read this Alice in Wonderland review of the 3D film in theaters now. Tim Burton, pairs once again with Johnny Depp to deliver a sequel of Disney's original. I am extremely mad about Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland 3D (Rated PG). 
Ideas to Personalize Christmas Cards Ideas for creating your own Christmas cards and personalizing them. 
In Three Years Time: Politics, Internet, Environment and Employment What does the future hold three years from now? Here are Google's goals, 2012 prediction, next presidential election 2012, telecommuting jobs and other insight into what you can expect in three years time. 
Islamic Revolution Celebration, Protest and the Future of Iran Protesters have been warned brute force will be used during Iran's Revolution celebration. President Ahmadinejad's regime is not backing down on nuclear energy. Based on the country's history, here is what we can expect from Iran in the future. 
Juicing Recipes: Vegetable Juice for Health The power of carrot juice: benefits your body, energy, eyesight, liver and prenatal health. Juicing recipes containing fruit juice and vegetables is very advantageous to your health. 
Kindle's Best Features and Cost Vs. Sony Reader EBook Find out what the best features of the Kindle eBook in comparison to Sony Reader. Compare the cost of each digital eBook and which product is more bang for your buck. 
Kolache Cookies aka Nut Log I enjoyed helping make these Christmas nut log cookies as a kid and my kids do as well. 
Lady Gaga Law Suit: Rob Fusari Purports Contract Breach The Lady Gaga law suit, Rob Fusari Productions v. Team Love Child and Mermaid was filed with the New York Supreme Court on March 17, 2010 by Rob Fusari's attorney. After reviewing the Complaint, my prediction of the Lady Gaga law suit is... 
Lean Halloween Treats Ideas to scare away the fat - trick the treaters! 
Legalizing Marijuana - Tax Cannabis 2010 - Tax Revenue Through Regulation Includes Benefits of Tax Initiative, Facts, Advocates in California, Personal views, and the U.S. in comparison to the Netherlands. 
Letter to the President and Vice President - Save the Middle Class  The middle class is struggling. If some serious change is not done, any reform only leads to poor getting poorer and rich getting richer as the middle class becomes obsolete. 
March 2010 Movie Madness: Thrillers in Theaters that Share a Coincidental Theme A list of nail-biting thrillers, in theaters March 2010, with sneak peeks and summaries of the films. 
Massachusetts Act to Tax and Regulate Cannabis House Bill 2929, what it entails and why, where and when to attend the hearing, and how to petition. 
Mother Nature Awakens Charity Worldwide After 2010 Haitian Earthquake The 2010 earthquake in Haiti causes massive destruction to an already ailing country. A local not-for-profit, Geisinger, donates to Haiti disaster relief. Here are simple ways for YOU to donate. 
Nationwide Electric Rate Hikes How the massive increase in electric rates will affect you and what you can do about it. 
NBC's Biggest Loser for Smokers! How Biggest Loser could integrate smokers with the overweight or start a new show - Winning Quitter. 
Newborn kittens to 7 weeks old Pics start with baby kittens, & end w/mom & dad. For more graphic pics of before and after cat birth, see my article Queen Cat with Her Newborn Kittens 
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Presented by Shell New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival is a world-renowned annual event that celebrates Louisiana culture and showcases a wide variety of musicians, unique food and crafts. 
Obama Plan to Lower Health Care Cost for Americans Insurance Companies are all for profit. Obama sets out to increase accountability and decrease cost for all Americans without an increase in deficit. 
Opinion: New Health Care Reform Bill and Abortion Amendment The new health care reform bill passed the House, along with an adoption amendment, restricting coverage. 
Opinion on Health Care Reform (Pros) Why Health Care Reform is Necessary in My Opinion; Public Option, Why Choice + Competion = Affordability and coverage for all...thereby decreasing cost. 
Peaunt Butter Fudge Recipe We sold this homemade peanut butter fudge by the panfuls when we had our country store.  
Penn's Cave in Centre Hall, PA - Cavern and Wildlife Park Pictures from the boat tour and safari bus ride at Penn's Cave. The wildlife and cave are a wonderful, educational experience for children and adults. 
Pennsylvania Dutch New Year's Tradition - Rueben Dip Red meat rocks! For those, like me, preferring beef over pork, try this Reuben dip variation on New Year's or anytime you're in the mood for kraut. 
Pennsylvania Dutch Pickled Eggs with Beets Pickled eggs are a healthy snack option and easy to make. 
Perfect Family Movie for St. Patrick's Day from Disney Disney's Darby O'Gill fantasy film about an old Irishman, his daughter, a young lad (Sean Connery), and a Leprechaun King. It's magical, whimsical folklore with great special effects and a star cast. A perfect St. Patrick's Day family movie. 
Perfect Getaway - Movie Review of a Thriller with a Twist A Perfect Getaway is a fabulous suspense movie. Honeymooners hike the Hawaiian outdoors in this thriller with a twist that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 
Personalized Christmas Card Ideas Ideas for creating your own Christmas cards and personalizing them. 
Political Sex Scandals and Books Written About Them This article contains brief descriptions of the sex scandal and books about the scandal and politician. 
Power of Bullying The consequences of bullying can be deadly. You should not feel good about tearing others apart. Do not be silent if a bully is taunting you or bullying another. 
President Obama Demands Compromise and Bipartisan Resolution on Health Care Reform The President pleads to end the deadlock and implement change and innovation through compromise. 
Queen Cat with Her Newborn Kittens Experiencing nature at work. Watching the birth of newborn kittens is amazing! 
Questions About Ash Wednesday Answered The history of Ash Wednesday and the meaning behind smudging ashes on Christian's foreheads and fasting. A prayer for the Lent season. 
Quick Oven Broiled Steak Tender, juicy and YUMMY. For the days you can't grill outside. 
Reasons to be Thankful Giving thanks. Biggest thanks goes out to my Ma. You are the best! 
Red Carpet Oscar Predictions Oscars 2010; Oscar predictions of the red carpet Oscar winners 
Review: Garnier Nutrisse Highlights Fall is the perfect time for a hairstyle change. Make a simple non-drastic change by highlighting your hair at home. 
Review of Alice Alice offers many household essentials, coupons and they will remind you when you may be running low on certain products. Here is the low down on buying and selling on 
Review of Canon PowerShot A540 Point-and-Shoot Digital Camera The Canon PowerShot A540 6 MP digital camera with 4x optical zoom lens provides great picture quality and combines 20 creative shooting modes, flexibility and ease of use. Ideal for beginners who want to point-and-shoot or photographers. 
Review of Carpet Cleaning Services in Danville, PA Sparkle, McHugh's and Duraclean Carpet and upholstery cleaners serving the Danville, PA area. 
Review Verizon Customer Support Outsourcing not a positive for Verizon. CSR from India 
Rocking Basketball Song List From new AC|DC to old Queen songs, here are a variety of rocking hoop shooting songs for your next game or practice, including links to preview the tunes. Just in time for college basketball tournament! 
Romantic Valentine's Day Poem A poem for Valentine's Day Poem Romantic unable to come up with the perfect words for their love. 
Sandra Bullock at the Oscars 2010 Sandra Annette Bullock looked absolute stunning on the red carpet at the Oscars 2010 at Kodak Theaters, Hollywood, California on March 7. Sandra was an Oscar 2010 nominee for Best Actress in a Leading Role for The Blind Side. Did she take home the Oscar? 
Scary Halloween Haiku I enjoy writing Haiku. Hope this one gives you thrills and chills:) 
Scary Story - Deceptive Love Be careful ladies. You may think you know someone but before you know it, they turn into a monster. 
Shaun White Snowboarding Roadtrip - Wii Review Before buying Shaun White Snowboarding Roadtrip for Wii, read this review from a snowboarder that has played it. Compatible with Wii balance board. 
Simple Beauty Tricks to Hide a Hangover Beauty tricks to cover-up your hangover and make puffy eyes and undereye circles disappear. 
Simple New Year's Resolutions Ideas and Tips for Success New Year's resolution ideas, quit smoking tips, weight lose, and five steps to determine success. 
Simple Tips to Decrease Wrinkles Most women want to put off signs of aging, especially wrinkles. This article explores antioxidants, facial masks (made with items found in your fridge or cupboard) and other tips to prevent wrinkles. 
Sport Movie Greatest Classics Rocky, Wildcats, School Ties, Jerry Maguire, The Waterboy 
Spring Fling 2010 in Danville, PA Danville, PA hosts the annual Spring Fling every year, the first Saturday in May. Over 150 food and craft vendors and non-profits line the streets along with live entertainment. Danville PA Spring Fling attracts thousands to the family-oriented fun event. 
St. Patrick's Day Poem: The Shamrock A Poem for St. Patrick's Day about the Shamrock. 
Ten Best Probiotic Drinks Available in the U.S Probiotic proclaimed benefits include improving digestion and immunity. 
Thanksgiving 2009: Thankful for Liberty and More Embracing positives while acknowledging negatives 
The Adult Cat's Spine - Facts and Alternative Medicine Discover how a cat's spine works to give felines their flexibility and suppleness. Learn about common feline spinal cord diseases and alternative medicines for treating cat's spinal cord problems. 
The Benefits of Folic Acid (Folate) to Heal Cervical Dysplasia The natural healing process achieved from the benefits of folic acid (folate), helped my cervical dysplasia (CIN) heal.  
The Best of AC Articles: Movies in Theaters 2010 The best of AC content on new releases coming to theaters in 2010. 
The Don't Quit Poem The famous and unforgettable poem, writer unfortunately unknown. 
The Irish Lass: St. Patrick's Day Limerick The luck of the Irish stems from their fighting spirit. This limerick is about an Irish lass that went a bit too far in pursuit of happiness. Hope you enjoy my Irish poetry. Limericks are fun! Happy St. Patrick's Day! 
The Mirror of Truth Poem Mirror of Truth poem reflecting upon past, present and future. 
The Opposition Rally Restrained at Islamic Revolution Anniversary Celebration in Iran Iran's Islamic Revolution Celebration brought thousands of supporters to the street of Tehran in Iran on Thursday. The regime's security forces successfully kept opposition rallies at bay and broke up rallies in various other locations in Iran. 
The Single Working Parent and Sick Kids I pick up a week's worth of slack for the co-worker. Meanwhile, as a single parent without family to help, I suffer ridicule for calling in due to the kid's being sick. 
The Three T's of Gardening - Zone 10 Types of plants, temperature and tips for gardening in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 10. 
The Three T's of Gardening - Zone 6 Types of plants, temperature and tips for gardening in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 6. 
The Three T's of Gardening - Zone 7 Types of plants, temperature and tips for gardening in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 7. 
Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Sneak Peeks Burton meets Depp once again in this highly anticipated 3D film that hits theaters on March 5, 2010. New Alice in Wonderland previews are now available. The Burton Depp version of Alice in Wonderland promises to be much darker than Disney's original. 
Top 10 Best Beyonce Songs of the Decade Here are the 10 best Beyonce Knowles songs of the decade from her three solo platinum albums and one EP. Six hits are from her latest album I am... Sasha Fierce - they are the absolute best Beyonce songs ever. 
Top 10 Christmas Songs Classic Christmas songs, best christmas songs 
Top 10 Everlasting Love Songs for Valentine's Day These Valentine's songs are perfect for lovers. The best love songs for a romantic, intimate night. Barry White, Pat Benatar, and Van Morrison are included in this diverse list of love tunes, with lyrics, for Valentine's Day. 
Top 10 Holiday Christmas and Hanukkah Movies Ever Watch some or all these fabulous Christmas and Hanukkah movies this holiday season. 
Top 10 Holiday Songs of All Time: A Diverse List Music adds to the festiveness of the Holiday season. Here is a diverse collection of the top 10 classic Christmas and Hanukah songs of all time. From instrumental Trans-Siberian Orchestra to funny Adam Sandler and reminiscent Bing Crosby. 
Top 10 Make Out Songs for Valentine's Day Romance The best Valentines Day songs perfect for intimate moments...Music by Sade, Etta James and more... 
Top 10 Strange and Traditional Food Found in the U.S. Strange and unusual food to most Americans, but traditional food of our ancestors. Prepared right, these strange foods can actually taste pretty good. I'll pass on the grasshopper though (can't say I didn't at least try it!). 
Top 10 TV Movies: Lifetime Original Movies Many informative and entertaining TV Lifetime original movies can be seen on Lifetime and Lifetime Movie Network (LMN). My top 10 picks include great Christmas romance and comedy, suspenseful, true and inspirational flicks made between 2009 and 2003. 
Top Ten Taylor Swift Songs I began to like this young artist after downloading all of these top ten Taylor Swift songs for my little girl. 
Tuxedo Rentals in Bloomsburg, Watsontown, Mifflinburg and Sunbury, PA for Homecoming Tuxedo rentals and formal wear in Bloomsburg, PA, Watsontown, PA, Mifflinburg, PA, Sunbury, PA for Homecoming, Weddings or Prom. Custom and designer suits available. 
Vegan Thanksgiving Haiku A Thanksgiving Turkey Plea. Vegan Delight. 
Website and Search Engine Optimization: Backlinks to Improve SEO and LSI Google, Digg, Twitter, YahooAnswers and are great resources to utilize to create backlinks and improve web site and search engine optimization. 
What a Man's Shoes Say About Him Answering what a man's shoes say about him and how important a man's shoes are. What old shoes, cheap shoes, and style say about your man? Buy men's shoes and where to recycle your old pairs. 
What Victims of Abuse Need Based on personal and others experience, the victim needs two fundamental emotions from others. The victim never forgets and may never forgive. However, unless the victim wants to relinquish the remainder of their life to the perpetrator... 
Where to Buy Clove Flavored Cigarettes Online International cigarette suppliers, particularly flavored cigarettes, rest assured you are not breaking the law importing to the U.S. Customs will not confiscate clove cigarettes bought online. Here is who I buy clove cigarettes from. 
Where to Buy Hand Blown Glass Christmas Ornaments Online Your Christmas tree will sparkle when you hang hand-blown glass Christmas ornaments. Here are five online stores that have a plethora of hand blown glass Christmas ornaments for sale. 
Why President Obama won Nobel Prize While much controversy has erupted over our President in the spotlight, I wonder why some Americans are skeptical. 
Zucchini Bread Recipe with Crumb Topping If you are watching what you eat, this recipe will help you cut your fat and calories. Apply this method to other recipes; it's a simple low fat cooking alternative. 
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