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Welcome to my website. If you are here, it probably means that you know me, or were told somehow that this website existed. I am of the firm belief, based upon a fair amount of research that, at least for lawyers, websites do not attract business, but can have the untoward effect of driving away business if not done in a somewhat professional manner. Given that seeming truism, I do not intend to make this website a paean to myself, which frankly is the function most law firm websites serve. They are, in the main, completely non-functional, other than for horn-tooting purposes, and the horn tends, in the cacaphony of the internet, to be lost on most knowledgeable people.

What's New In Litigation?

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Contrary to the reasons for NOT BEING of the website, the reason for being of this website is to let you know who I am, tell you about my practice and why you should call ME regardless of whether your company is regularly engaged in litigation and is regularly in need of lawyers or your company's need for a litigation attorney is infrequent.   

Most companies know that to have an aggressive, sensible, conscientious lawyer as part of their team is a necessary component to an effective business strategy. As a decision-maker, you should know whom to call when the need arises. The odds are that it will. Litigation is a cost of doing business.    


People before and after Descartes were asking themselves this question, and I am included in this bunch, though I can hopefully expound on the notion that "I think, therefore I am". Not here and not now. Though indeed, you are seeking to hire a thinking lawyer who cares about your business as well as your position in a litigation. Litigation as you are probably aware, is a time-consuming, costly affair. It is vitally important to have a lawyer on your company's side that will care for more than how many billable hours they can attribute per month to a case.  I do not have any minimum billing requirements. I do what is necessary to advance the client's best interests.  

Overhead and Taxonomy

Who pays for big firms' mahogany walls and the art collections hanging on them? Overhead only adds to the cost of litigation. I take cases of all sizes and take on staff from a network of reliable, smart lawyers and paraprofessional staff on an as-needed basis so that large, document- intensive cases are not only adequately staffed but utilize the latest in electronic document management technology which allows me to use the same taxonomy - categorization schemes -- that many of the most technologically advanced multinational law firms are now using to more productively use available knowledge about a case and its facts more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

Using readily available and cost effective technology and staffing resources, I can handle litigation of any size for any size company -- from the Fortune 50 to a small start-up caught in its first litigation.

Risk Takers and Cushy Chairs 

At bottom, those of us who have small firms understand what it is like to have to operate a business. We face the same pressures and reap the same rewards as those clients who have to report to a board of directors, management and shareholders. We are generally ambitious, motivated and curious about the law as well as the world in which the law is rooted. We do not always think in a linear fashion, just as the facts of a case or a line of cases may likewise not develop in a straight line whether you are looking at time or the development of relationships or technology.  We are risk takers.  We are innately confident in ourselves and our abilities.

Though my experience is equivalent to that of a partner - level attorney at most any large institutional law firms, my clients do not get billed while I am in the shower thinking about your case in an effort to meet a billing requirement. Unless of course, it's something particularly brilliant, in which case you won't mind since the reality is that you are paying for what is inside my brain anyway regardless of where it happens to be located at a particular moment.

More than that, you are paying for legal work performed or supervised  by someone who is absolutely committed to doing the best he can for your company, who delivers thoughtful, intelligent, creative work and who is your company's best possible advocate regardless of the setting.  

The larger point is that I don't ticky-tack on bills. I hate getting nickel-and-dimed on bills and assume that my clients do, too. You know that "do unto others" rule? I really do try to follow it in my business as well as my personal life. 

Most companies know that to have an aggressive, sensible, conscientious lawyer as part of their team is a necessary component to the effective implementation of a comprehensive business strategy whether your company is regularly engaged in litigation and is regularly in need of lawyers or this is an infrequent occurrence.

Ultimately, my law practice is based on having the experience of the joy at doing something really well for something of my own creation and for a client that is happy to have me as their lawyer because I and my team did the right thing.

And at the end of the day, I want to wake up and like what I see in the mirror. If that sounds like I am mixing a professional philosophy with a personal one, it is because I am. I am my professional person but I am also much more.  And with a big dose of humility, my clients are the beneficiaries of who I am as a person -- yes, warts and all. My clients receive the essence of who I am, which is one reason why I make available my personal weblog as well as the contents of my libary online, all in an effort to try to describe who I am in more than one dimension and to leave you with a feeling that you know me perhaps more than another lawyer with perhaps a huge law firm relegated to a paragraph or two or who may not even care, since his livelihood is independent from letting potential clients all over the world know who s/he is. I want your business. I'll make sure I earn it and keep it. 


Litigation. Usually, when people come to see me, a problem is beyond the talking phase. Maybe. If there is any practicable way to avoid litigation, that is the solution. I don't try to or have to make work. People and companies will never get tired of suing each other. That is a fact of life in business today.  I have been engaged in a variety of types of litigation over the years, but I try to limit my practice to areas of law that I enjoy. For me, enjoyment usually comes from accepting clients and cases from industries I am interested in.   

Fundamentally, much of law practice is a weaving together of

  • the facts that underly a case,
  • the law that pertains to that area under discussion
  • and of course very importantly the knowledge of the rules of evidence that will allow me to get the facts before the court,
  • all bound up by my ability to advocate a position on my feet in a motion hearing, at trial or in front of my computer, in writing. 

If I can make all those element mesh for a client, it's almost like music in a sense.  

Artist and Talent Representation. Artists are the ultimate risk takers. You put your entire being -- your essence -- on display for the world to see. Ultimately, the representation of the artist is contingent upon the attorney's respect for the client's art. As the father of an artist, I know personally and emotionally first hand what it takes - the sacrifice, drive, determination and commitment on the part of the artist and his/her family that it takes to be tops in your field. I respect tremendously those elements of your success and will fight to make sure that you are provided with excellent representation in contract negotiations and all your other legal needs to guide you through the minefield of an ever-changing business landscape.    


Guidance. Strength. Nuance. Creativity. Perspective. Constant striving toward excellence in what I do.  Foresight based on experience. A counselor with you and your business in mind.  An advocate not afraid to tell it like it is. Innovative. Technologically aware and using technology to do a better job for his clients. Practicing the philosophy that "distance is dead" efficiently and effectively. Keeping grounded in the reality of the business world by reading up on industries that my clients are in to understand the pressures and factors they face on a daily basis.   


I have been a traveler since I was a little boy. I have continued to avail myself of opportunities to and love to travel. I have lived and experienced dealing with people in varying cultures all over the world. Provincial? No way. I do not think inside a traditional box. Practicality and efficiency are the keys to eventual success along with preparation, preparation, preparation in anything that I do. When was the last time you heard a lawyer say "I don't know"?  If I need help in a particular field, I will scour the earth to find the best available experts and lawyers in other cities and continents as the need arises. 

Arrogance serves an overinflated ego, oftentimes unjustifiably. I have the quiet confidence which enables me to understand what I don't know. I am not afraid to utter those words. The ultimate question is what is in the client's best interest.  I use every available source that will advance that aim.  I use technology extensively for your benefit as well as for my own. Clientele comes by referral from all over the US and internationally.


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