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For me, the fun part of writing is developing a plot out of a situation. This usually happens as my characters grow within the confines of the situation I place them in. I rely on their good judgement, and sometimes reckless behavior, to keep things lively until the book's climax. Thankfully, they have yet to let me down.


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"I write in all genres, but you'll always find the same two things in all my books, no matter if they are Mysteries, Thrillers, Action and Adventure or the Paranormal, and that is the power of love and the strength of the human spirit. I give my characters these traits and cross my fingers. So far, they have yet to disappoint me."
Randy Mixter  

                "When a story grabs my interest, plants the seeds of suspense, mystery, and romance in just a few sentences, you know it's a winner.
                                               I was pleased to read this and want more." - Mark Young (Amazon posted review of Red Moon)

"Sarah Of The Moon is an excellent, well written book. I had never heard of Randy Mixter before, but I genuinely wonder why because his writing is exceptionally gifted.Within a very few pages, I was completely pulled into the story, to the degree that I did not feel I was reading but was watching a movie." - Goodreads Review

"Randy Mixter writes characters that intrigue and scenarios that leave you needing to know more about what is going on behind the scenes." 
- Andrea Harding


                                                                   A passage from Scarlet  And Gold                                                                 

     Sebastian took Morgan's arm as he made his way to the gangplank. "Bring my son home, Morgan. I promise this will be the last time I make such a

 request. From here on out he's on his own, but for now I would like a final opportunity to convince Lucas that the life of adventure is not his true 

vocation. He too often finds himself in harm's way."

     "As do I, sir," Morgan said as he turned to the ship. Rachel stood waiting under the mainsail, her bow in her hands as she pulled back on its bowstring,

 testing its strength. "Fortunately, as of late, an angel watches over me. An angel I once saved and has, in gratitude, saved me many times since."

     "Would the angel's name be Rachel Cain by any chance?" Sebastian asked him while relinquishing his hold.

     Morgan took the opportunity to climb the gangplank. He reached the ship's deck in six long strides.

     "It would," he said to the woman who met him there.


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Swan Loch is a romance that spans time and universes and is one of the best books I have ever read.
                                                                 Larry Deibert - author of Combat Boots, Dainty Feet & The Christmas City Vampire

5 out of 5 stars 
Fantastic! - April 2, 2013
Joe H. 
This review is from: Swan Loch (Kindle Edition)
The author does an amazing job getting you emotionally attached to the characters. I have never cried and smiled while reading a book more times then reading this! Such an amazing book!!
4 out of 5 stars Almost five stars...really good 
I almost gave this book five stars. If all of my questions had been answered at the end I would have. Still, this author has a great talent for writing. His concept of what forever-love means is quite apparent and I found his characters to be engaging and charming. This work is far more than just a simple mystery. There is romance, mystery, sci-fi and a combinations of different stories happening in this book. If you like things that make you think and try to figure out the end result, this would be a good book to choose.
I liked the dialogue and found it believable and well written, and dialogue in my opinion can either make or break a book. I would read another work by this author and encourage others to as well.

                                                                                                     A recent MORNING STAR review.

5 out of 5 stars 
MAGICAL !!!!!!!!!!!! 
February 18, 2013
By Rosemary 
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Morning Star (Kindle Edition)WOW !!!!!!!! What a wonderful story Randy Mixter wrote !!!!!!!! very descriptive writing, my mind's eye could picture so much, some parts had me laugh out loud and other parts had me weepy.. it is full of love, faith, courage and miracles !!!!!!!!! this is truly everything you could want in a good book !!! with this story, you BELIEVE IN MIRACLES !!!!!!!!

                                                                                                 A recent SARAH OF THE MOON review

 So many have already stated what a great book they found this to be. I would like to add my name to theirs. There are books I have read that I have really enjoyed, but this book I can honestly say I will always remember. Mr. Mixter thank you for this wonderful story. It was deeply moving and has brought back many memories for me. You are an exceptional writer with a very easy, flowing style. I'm sure Sarah herself would approve and could not have done better.
Howard Brown
                                                                      Some recent comments on Morning Star

My first Morning Star review from Great Britain! 
4 out of 5 stars
One in a million - 10 Feb 2013
By vary fun
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
This is truly a book to remember.
A Wonderful family story. Best book I've read in a very very long time

There is no warming up and easing into this read. Through the eyes of the unexpected you are sent leaping straight into the heart of a loving family on a battle ground of the worse kind.
Author Randy Mixter knows the dance played by inner demons, and the physical, emotional battles that are fought to make what is said impossible, possible in real life! He uses this knowledge well to create a powerful yet, heart-warming message of hope for those who believe in family, and those who are willing to fight the impossible.
Morning Star, is about love, loss, and a 8 yr/old girl fighting an incurable disease. With empowerment of a loving family and through the simplistic act of belief the war is fought. This belief expressed through a legend centered around a flower and a powerful mystic horse. A perfect combination to empower the hearts of a war vet, his only child dying, and their loved ones around them.
This heart-warming book is all about family! No, not the mushy type where everything is perfect, but the kind of family that does support each other in truth, hope, understanding, kindness and love. All of which provides the strength for them to fight and overcome the demons of the past and to fight the present trials at hand.
They fight alone, but are they really alone? Or is their fight being watched by hundreds of unseen? Will a jealous one kill all that is good out of foolish spite?
Morning Star grabbed my attention from the first page! In my mind's eye I could see this book being played out on the big screen! I hope someday to be buying a ticket for just this purpose! I highly recommend this story for all families. For readers 12 years and up, but it would make a great bedtime story for younger ones too.
Mammy Oaklee
Author of Mailbox Kitten

Thanks to Jeffrey Miller, author of the book about growing up in the 1960s Ice Cream Headache and War Remains for his recent review of Morning Star.

Good fiction is all about promise. It is the promise of the author to tell a good story and to respect the reader.
That's exactly the kind of promise you get with Randy Mixter's captivating and endearing novella, Morning Star. Mixter doesn't need a lot of fl
ash to tell a good story. In this character-driven story, Nate and his daughter Dannie carry much of the drama which holds the reader's attention throughout. Mixter delivers that promise and more.
This is a book for all ages. If you have children, it is the kind of story you could read to them. Young adult readers will also find it interesting and enjoyable to read. It's really refreshing to just read a good story and Mixter has done just that with Morning Star. He's an excellent story teller who knows his craft well, but more importantly, delivers on the promise to tell a good story. If you and your children have enjoyed such classics as Black Beauty or My Friend Flicka, you are definitely going to enjoy Morning Star.
Jeffrey Miller,
Author of Ice Cream Headache

Wow! What a wonderful story Randy Mixter has written! Morning Star is a fast-paced, upbeat tale of a little girl and a special horse. The novella is so highly descriptive that I could picture each scene as though I were watching a movie. The magical and mystical aspects of the story seem almost possible. Those who believe in miracles will especially love this feel-good, family-oriented book. It is great for all ages!
Mary Jean O'Keefe

Morning Star !!! MAGICAL !!! Such a wonderful story, I so enjoyed it.... faith, love, courage and miracles ~ things that made this a great story !!!
Chicki Crawford Foley

"Just finished Morning Star. It is a delightful story primarily geared for young adult fiction. Beautifully written and heart warming. Makes you believe in miracles. Just the kind of story for Christmas time-miracles do and still happen."
Joan Gunby

                                                                Some recent comments on Swan Loch

A Paranormal Romance Masterpiece!
Lisa Northrup

I don't usually enjoy mysteries, but this one hooked me almost immediately. Randy Mixter has found a formula that works....mix equal parts mystery, love story, paranormal events and suspense, but without the blood and gore that characterize many suspense novels. I couldn't put it down.
Jody - Goodreads 5 star review 8/6/12

Swan Loch is one of the best books I've read. 5 stars for me.
Gail Holland

Swan Loch is a very interesting and unique book! Randy Mixter is an excellent writer. He combines the romance and love of three couples, suspense, murder, evil, heartbreak, joy, and even the supernatural in this page-turner novel. It is fast-paced and highly descriptive, with good characterization of the interesting people of Swan Loch. The reader gets to know them very well! The unique plot makes you think, "Could it really be? Could it really happen?" If you are looking for a truly different and thought-provoking novel, Swan Loch should be your choice! 
Mary Jean O'Keefe

Hey there Randy. I just had to stop and tell you that I read Swan Loch and in just two days. I am NOT much of a reader, but found your book extremely easy to read and very fascinating at the same time. Every time I had to stop for some reason, I could not wait to get right back to it. Well done and I loved every minute of it and loved the romance and the intrigue. Great concept and great book ! !
Dave Baier

Just finished Swan Loch, no surprise, I loved it. The characters and the story grabbed me in the first few pages and now I'm sorry I read it so quickly. As with Sarah of the Moon and Letters from Vietnam, Randy's style captured me.
Al Bradley

I absolutely loved Swan Loch. It is so well written that I found myself placed in the story, visualizing each and every character and setting. It's a fast read with excitement, romance, and mystique. This author is going places!
Carol Crouse

I could not put this book down. The story just kept moving along without any real stopping point. Swan Loch is one of the best books I have read. It is a very different story: romance, mystery and supernatural all rolled into one great story.
Sue Baier

Swan Loch is one of them 'you can't put it down' books, once you get rollin'!.. I LOVED IT!! Superbly written.. with a perfect ending!!!
Mark Brine - author of The Book Of Odes   
I finished reading Swan Loch. One of the most enjoyable books I have ever read. This book would make one hell of a movie or mini series. Great work, Randy.
Larry Deibert - author of Combat Boots, Dainty Feet 

I'm in the process of reading Swan Loch now and can't put it down. Can't wait to get home everynight from work to READ. It is a captivating story that leaves you begging for more. Like all of the other books by Mr. Mixter it is well written, entertaining and leaves you waiting for the next book to come out.
Lynda Davidson 

 Review of The Rocking Chair Lady by the publishing company: BeanPods Press, LLC on Sep. 19, 2012 :

Four stars for a great memory/story. I love storytellers. What entertaining time I had with this read.                                

The story of Swan Loch is still in my head. I think about the story a lot. That's saying something for how the story was written! 
Mary J. O'Keefe  6/24/12

I read Sarah Of The Moon yester
day and it is still with me. It is one amazing story - one that I won't forget for a long, long time.
You are an awesome writer. I was mesmerized by the hold that Sarah seemed to have on Alex. It was sad to see it end.
Robert Kolling -

Randy Mixter's book, Sarah Of The Moon, is a great read for all ages!
Kimberly Shursen - Underground Book Reviews

Randy Mixter is an amazing writer! I loved Sarah of the Moon and it's definitely a book I will read again. He is able to not only stage a scene well, but he can put the reader ring side. He's an author I will continue to follow. It's so nice being able to forget the rest of the world for awhile and live in his book. Good job Randy!
Terri Marie, author of The Shack, Merry and a cat named Cha-moan

Randy's novel Sarah of the Moon is a great piece. If you love romance be sure to check out his work, you won't regret it - Natalie Valdes of Independent Reads

This is a compelling book, telling the fascinating story of the Summer of Love at its height in 1967 California. I guarantee you too will find it difficult to put down. - Steven Weathers - Weathers Book Blog

Randy Mixter’s SARAH OF THE MOON is a wonderful journey back to 1967, the “summer of love.” The prologue doesn’t do justice for the superb storytelling that follows.

Randy’s keen observations put you on the streets with the mystical Sarah, her friends and the flower children that come to life in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district. It is an excellent piece of literature, smartly written, about the hopes and dreams of a generation’s vision of world peace. Add a young newspaper writer and a Vietnam War hero and you have a classic work of romance and adventure that brings twists and turns to the ending. A must read for all ages.
Ted Pannell – Vietnam Veteran and author of Vietnam Stories – Dreams to Nightmares

I encourage everyone to get Randy's new novel, LETTERS FROM LONG BINH, for I'm confident it'll be
just as good, if not better than his Sarah of the Moon. Ted Pannell - author of Vietnam Stories




                My short story, ETERNAL, is featured in the anthology THE STORM IS COMING. Now available from Sleeping Cat Books Publishers.

This seamlessly edited anthology has something for every discerning reader. From well-crafted, various forms of poetry to short stories ranging from magical realism to ethnic fiction to SF, these pieces have been carefully chosen to mesh together smoothly and subtly from one to the other. The quality and range is fantastic. The storm metaphor is utilized in unexpected and clever ways. 
Amazon 5 star review

Wow. I just finished “Eternal” in The Storm is Coming. What a heartbreaking story! It really stabbed me right in the heart, having been married to the love of my life for 37 years. Brilliant job!  Best of luck with your writing!
Carole Bellacera, Author

Review by: Bob Craton on Aug. 19, 2012 :
Wow. Eternal makes a major emotional impact in very few words.

 out of 5 stars 
A Horse of a Different Color - January 15, 2013
By Joan Gunby
Morning Star starts out with a leap of faith (literally- that's how you are first introduced to the horse, Morning Star) and delivers.
Young Dannie is in a hospital fighting for her life. A miracle is about to take place in her life that will give her a chance to live. That miracle is in the form of a horse named Morning Star. This novella, Randy Mixter's latest prose, is a story about courage, faith ,love, strength and sticking together as a family in the face of adversity.
I enjoyed this story tremendously. This is a piece of fiction you can read along with or to your entire family. The fact that it is a novella and not full book makes it just the right length for young readers. It definitely belongs in every school library.
I have read every one of Randy Mixter's books, short stories and novella's. He continues to amaze me on his ability to write on so many levels. Each and every one of his works of literature have given me many hours of enjoyment. Thank you Randy, you have done it once again.

Good fiction is all about promise. It is the promise of the author to tell a good story and to respect the reader.
That's exactly the kind of promise you get with Randy Mixter's captivating and endearing novella, Morning Star. Mixter doesn't need a lot of fl
ash to tell a good story. In this character-driven story, Nate and his daughter Dannie carry much of the drama which holds the reader's attention throughout. Mixter delivers that promise and more.
This is a book for all ages. If you have children, it is the kind of story you could read to them. Young adult readers will also find it interesting and enjoyable to read. It's really refreshing to just read a good story and Mixter has done just that with Morning Star. He's an excellent story teller who knows his craft well, but more importantly, delivers on the promise to tell a good story. If you and your children have enjoyed such classics as Black Beauty or My Friend Flicka, you are definitely going to enjoy Morning Star.
Jeffrey Miller,
Author of Ice Cream Headache

5 out of 5 stars 
Little Book; Big Heart -  January 3, 2013
By H. R. Holt (Planet Earth)
This review is from: Morning Star (Kindle Edition)I enjoyed this book tremendously - so much so that I read it in one day. The book begins with a sad premise: a little girl, Dannie, is dying of a disease that has no cure. Her dad, Nate, is distraught, as is his girlfriend, Cindy. Nate has dreams about his wife, who passed on years, and a buddy from Vietnam (this book is based in '77) - parts highly integral to the progression of the plot. Morning Star is a magnificent horse, dark blue in color, with more personality than you can shake a stick at. He comes into the story by jumping over a fence, which leaves Nate wondering if the stallion can fly. I enjoyed how he introduced himself to Nate and his herd. I'm still laughing about it. In this little book, you will be astounded at the magnitude of your heart's rhythm as it leads you through Dannie's fight to live. There will be moments you laugh, moments you cry, and even moments where you sigh as you realize that faith truly can move mountains. One quote that I fell immediately in love with, "You can sometimes see heaven if you look hard enough and if you know what to look for." "Morning Star" was a heavenly read for me! I will definitely read more by this author!

There is no warming up and easing into this read. Through the eyes of the unexpected you are sent leaping straight into the heart of a loving family on a battle ground of the worse kind.
Author Randy Mixter knows the dance played by inner demons, and the physical, emotional battles that are fought to make what is said impossible, possible in real life! He uses this knowledge well to create a powerful yet, heart-warming message of hope for those who believe in family, and those who are willing to fight the impossible.
Morning Star, is about love, loss, and a 8 yr/old girl fighting an incurable disease. With empowerment of a loving family and through the simplistic act of belief the war is fought. This belief expressed through a legend centered around a flower and a powerful mystic horse. A perfect combination to empower the hearts of a war vet, his only child dying, and their loved ones around them.
This heart-warming book is all about family! No, not the mushy type where everything is perfect, but the kind of family that does support each other in truth, hope, understanding, kindness and love. All of which provides the strength for them to fight and overcome the demons of the past and to fight the present trials at hand.
They fight alone, but are they really alone? Or is their fight being watched by hundreds of unseen? Will a jealous one kill all that is good out of foolish spite?
Morning Star grabbed my attention from the first page! In my mind's eye I could see this book being played out on the big screen! I hope someday to be buying a ticket for just this purpose! I highly recommend this story for all families. For readers 12 years and up, but it would make a great bedtime story for younger ones too.
Mammy Oaklee
Author of Mailbox Kitten

Wow! What a great story you have written! I was so anxious to read Morning Star, that I put aside my other book. I started reading Morning Star late last night and finished it today. It is a wonderful story with a happy ending ( the kind I prefer). You are so descriptive in your writing, that I kept picturing each chapter as a movie segment. This would be a great story to be made into a TV movie, possibly for Hallmark who makes "feel good" stories.
I liked that the magical and mystical aspect of the horse and flower were not too unbelievable. If you believe in miracles, then the story could almost be true. I think almost anyone would enjoy this story, but especially those who are family-oriented. I think even children would enjoy hearing this story, or seeing it as a TV movie. The story was so interesting that the book was hard to put down. It's a fast and very upbeat novella. Like your other stories, I will be thinking about it for a long time! You're a fantastic writer!
Mary Jean Blanchard O'Keefe

5.0 out of 5 stars 
Morning Star,  December 31, 2012
By Sally Spooner
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I chose this book because of the title of it. It wasn't what I thought it would be. It was a great story of love and faith. I would recommend this little book to everybody.

5 out of 5 stars
What an inspirational story!, January 28, 2013
By Laura Horton 
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: MORNING STAR (Kindle Edition)
I was very pleased with this story. Quick to read - but yet well-written enough that you develop a quick bond with the characters, as well. Very refreshing!

I loved the story. You always do a fabulous job taking the reader physically into the story and your characters become friends or an occasional enemy.
Carol Crouse



Just finished "Letters from Long Binh", Randy. What a treat. You are a gifted and talented author. Can't tell you how much I enjoyed the book and am proud to say that I know you. Congratulations! Thanks for bringing me back in time to a land far away.
Fred Honerkamp - Commanding Officer, 615th MP Co. Vietnam 1968 - 1969 

Letters from Long Binh gives the reader an honest appraisal of the everyday life of an MP in Vietnam. Sometimes poignant,sometimes humorous, but always gripping, the book is written with a deep sense of respect for his fellow brothers-in-arms in a war-torn country.
Lou Fantauzzi - Vietnam 1966-67

In his book, "Letters From Long Binh" Randy Mixter paints a very vivid picture of the life of a Vietnam M.P. It is a good read for all, not just Vietnam Veterans. He gives the reader a clear picture of the daily life and duties of a combat M.P. Taken from letters he wrote home during his tour of duty, the book is presented in "diary" form. It is an authentic chronicle what M.P.s experienced and felt during a deadly and confusing conflict. Well written, it will hold your interest through the entire book. Having served at Long Binh myself as an M.P. it was easy to relate to the book. I can highly reccomend this excellent read.
John Schembra - author of M.P. A Novel Of Vietnam

I just finished reading LETTERS FROM LONG BINH by Randy Mixter, and found it to be another one of his excellent writings. Randy’s talent recaps his tour of duty as a Military Policeman in Vietnam in the form of letters to his then girlfriend Roni, later to become his wife. Though the letters are modified for a more readable story, they are the truthful insights of a 20-year old soldier in a bizarre and explosive country. It is very informative and brought back many memories I had long forgotten.
Randy takes you with him on his foot patrols through a city base-camp, the alleys and dark streets where danger larks in every shadow. You ride on the machine-gun jeep “Rat Patrols,” escorting convoys along perilous highways. Randy conveys quite clearly that no place is safe in Vietnam.
I highly recommend this well written book to everyone and gladly give it a Five-Star rating.
Ted Pannell - author of Vietnam Stories - Dreams to Nightmares

At the beginning of 1967, Randy Mixter found himself stationed at Long Binh, South Vietnam as an MP. Over the course of the next year, Randy penned numerous letters to his girlfriend Roni of his life and experience as an MP as America's involvement in the Vietnam War escalated. Fortunately for us, those letters survived the ravages of time and provide us with a unique window on those early days of the conflict. Unlike some memoirs which draw upon someone's memories of the war, Mixter's letters to his girlfriend give us this sense of immediacy to the war.
We are right there with Mixter when he goes out on a town patrol in rowdy raucous Bien Hoa or on highway patrol and because these are letters, there is also this personal side to them which oftentimes gives the reader this feeling that he is talking to us directly. Describing his daily and in many instances nightly routines as an MP, Mixter offers insights into the conflict from a rear echelon point of view, as well as the conflict in general. To be sure, in his letters he has time to reflect upon the war:
"A ride into Saigon is normally cause for celebration, but not this time. Visiting any hospital in Vietnam, no matter the reason, is always a solemn affair. I have been to the 93rd Evac in Long Binh several times delivering future patients or visiting friends. Each time I go there I am reminded of the pain and suffering always near and always threatening in this war torn country." (p. 107).
We might not see the war in the jungles or the hills, but we do see another side of the war, which at times is just as frightening and overwhelming. Things get intense on highway patrols and convoy runs which remind readers that in the Vietnam War, the fighting and guerilla warfare tactics were all around the men.
This book is gritty and intense. I highly recommend it.
Jeffrey Miller - Author of War Remains and Waking Up In The Land Of Calm

Wow, this was an amazing book. It brought so many emotions to the forefront. A book that can make me cry is usually a book that will make me read it twice. I felt like I was sitting there with the soldier as he poured his heart out. I have so many family members that went to war and this book was an excellent book to really let you know how a soldier is feeling. I can't believe Randy Mixter shared this very personal information with us but I'm pleased that he did. You will be missing out if you skip this book.
5 star Amazon posted review - February 25, 2012

Just another book about Vietnam? Wait; don’t dismiss this memoir out of hand. Every experience is different and every soldier has both a shared and a unique vision of that experience and Randy Mixter tells an honest and humorous story of his time in Vietnam in Letters From Long Binh.
Memories change over the years for most, for soldiers they are forever part of their life. So many stories of those so young can start saying “I boarded the plane.” If thoughts or ideas existed about easy and heroes they ended with wheels down.
In sharing his memories through the letters of that time in his life Mixter has opened the door into his and many Veterans lives. From the mundane day to day to the absolutely frightening he shares it all. Adding humor into the telling makes it easier for Veterans to read.
History buffs and those that simply do not understand what it is like to serve in country need to read this. It will definitely open their eyes.
One phrase keeps banging around in my head, remembering how many times I have heard it, reminded after all these years by Letters From Long Binh “You’ll be fine.”
The Military Writers Society of America

Finished the book while on a ski trip to Utah last week. Quite enjoyable and you hit many things that brought back quite a few memories and then some.
Arnie Daxe - CO, 615 MP Co - Aug 1967-Feb 1968.

 Once I started (Letters From Long Binh) I could not put it down. I was one of those that took over Bien Hoa when you made the switch and finally was transferred to 615. I felt I was living that year over again. Great read.
Al Bradley

Terrific book! Literally could not put it down. I read it in about 45 minutes. Absolutely loved it.
A great story consisting of a number of discrete incidents that occurred to Randy Mixter as he went about his duties, very well written and told with a storyteller's heart.
A terrific read for any Vietnam veteran especially, as well as as a good book for anyone who needs an idea of what life was like for an average the Military Policeman.
Dennis Mansker - Author of A Bad Attitude

As I am a fan of Randy Mixter's last two books, "The Boys of Northwood", and "Sarah of the Moon", I was anxiously awaiting his next one. Now, I do not usually read books about wars but because I so enjoy Mixter's writing style I decided to give this one a try. I was not sure what to expect but I need not have worried. This book does not disappoint if you want humor, honesty and truth about a soldier's days in Vietnam as a military policeman. Mixter's latest treasure is filled with detailed descriptions of his "mis"adventures in a war-torn country where no one wanted to be on a good day let alone during a war. It is an easy read and I highly recommend it anyone, guys or gals. Write on Randy!
Joan Gunby

I just finished reading the new book by Randy Mixter "Letters from Long Binh" Memoirs of a Military Policeman in Vietnam
His new book reads like a journal of his day to day life as a MP in Vietnam as told to his girl friend in his letters that he wrote to her almost every day while he was there. His book brings back a lot of memories for this old soul from the times I spent in some of the same places as Randy was. Once I started reading I could not put it down until I finished reading it.This book tells the story of the duties that he had to preform while there and the things he seen and done along with some of the close calls that he had. I highly recommend this book to anyone who served in Vietnam or anyone interested in the stories about Vietnam as told by the ones that were there. Check it out today, you wont be disappointed.
Steve Weathers - The Weathers Book Blog

5 out of 5 stars
An incredible read!
By Anna B
Heart-rending, mind-tingling, above average fiction. Mysterious and romantic at the same time, Swan Loch is an addicting read. Highly recommend it to anyone who loves romance, crime, and mystery novels. Or anyone who loves books!

A Paranormal Romance Masterpiece!
This review is from: Swan Loch (Kindle Edition)Swan Loch is a combination of mystery, romance, and paranormal suspense. The story grips you from the beginning and you are in for the ride. Three very different love stories intertwine without being too sappy. Hopeful that there is a followup to this book - I want to know what happens with Emma and Stanton. Well worth the time! This author has a bright future.
Lisa Northrup

5 out of 5 stars 
Another winning book by Randy Mixter - December 26, 2012
The first book I read of Randy Mixter's was "Sarah of the Moon." At the time, I was a reviewer and interviewed authors at Underground Book Reviews. No longer a part of the Underground, this time I wanted to read another one of Mixter's books - just for fun.
The one thing that Mixter has the ability and talent to do is create the raw emotion difficult for many writers to achieve. There is a a kind of naivety and honesty in all of Mixter's characters.
"Swan Loch" is a love story - a story that knows no boundaries. I likened the sci-fi portion of the book to losing the one person you knew you could never replace - the soul-mate you had waited for all of your life - to being reunited in heaven with them once again.
From Chris Hayward to Emma to the mysterious child who shows up in Swan Loch, Mixter creates real people with raw emotion, each with their own losses and challenges.
I would recommend "Swan Loch" to all generations and all age groups. Mixter has the ability and insight to bring back the faith and trust in relationships and friendships that, at times, we feel no longer exist. By combining a love story with mystery and sci-fi, this story comes together beautifully.
Kimberly Shursen - Author of Itsy Bitsy Spider

5.0 out of 5 stars -  Great book -  December 30, 2012
Sharon (Clovis, CA United States)
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Swan Loch (Kindle Edition)This book is wonderful! I was caught up from the very beginning. I admit I cried through part of it, I was sad, angry through pats, but in the end, the author did a great job with the story. This book is a great one to read!! You will not be disappointed.

5.0 out of 5 stars , October 3, 2012
By Annie Michelle (The Midwest)
This review is from: Swan Loch (Paperback)
I loved this book. It is a sweet & easy love story about friendship and the lengths people will go and stretch their hearts and imaginations for the ones that they love.
This story starts us out with Sheriff Chris Hayward's good friend Emma introducing him to the new girl in town Molly and it isn't long before they realize that they were meant to meet and be together... forever, Much like the Swans that used to live and flourish on Swan lake.
We are also introduced to a mysterious serial killer closing in on the beautiful town of Swan Loch seemingly brought in by the wind and with murderous intentions known only as...The Whistler.
Jake Stanton from the FBI is interested in this black eyed serial killer and enlists the help of Chris and his police department to try and track down this evil man who seems to be able to disappear leaving no bodies behind, just blood & drag marks that just stop in the middle of fields, with no eyewitness's, tire marks or footprints of any kind.
As Chris and Molly's wedding day draws nearer Chris starts having peculiar dreams and nightmares about this evil man who gets closer to the ones he loves and to his beloved hometown of Swan Loch.
Sadly, very soon after Chris and Molly are married the killer guns down Molly leaving Chris and the town devastated with her loss and it isn't until months later when a mysterious little girl named Rose comes to town with a very important message for Chris and Emma to come with her right now and try to save Molly that hope seems to come back to Chris, can this really be? His Molly still alive out there somewhere?
Chris and Emma trust in their hearts and in love and would follow this little girl, Rose anywhere the wind might blow...
I read this book straight through and I very much enjoyed the easy, sweet style and message of this book and thought how lucky Randy's wife and their cats must be to have such a thoughtful and sensitive man around...:)

 A Multi-Dimensional Tale
I became a fan of Randy Mixter after reading his delightful novel Sarah of the Moon, so I was eager to examine his next novel, Swan Loch. However, Swan Loch is a totally different kind of book than Sarah of the Moon. Swan Loch tells a sweet, conventional love story in a voice that illustrates Mixter's sensitivity toward, understanding about, and appreciation of committed love relationships. The charming young lovers, Chris and Molly, are both good looking, intelligent and likeable. Molly has a nice edge to her that shows in her frequent teasing of Chris and sarcastic remarks. Even with the edge, it is obvious how deep her love for Chris goes. Mixter also firmly establishes the deep bond of loyalty that grows in the group of close friends who are always with Chris and Molly. I believe this is one of Mixter's strengths as a writer - his ability to illustrate the several dimensions of true friendship. He also creates characters who have their own personality and identity, who are interesting and never wooden or one-dimensional. Nothing about Swan Loch is one-dimensional.
Chris is the town's Chief of Police and so when FBI agent Jake Stanton comes to town with news about a series of bizarre killings, Chris is drawn into the investigation. Twisted in and out and through the love story of Molly and Chris is a very creepy, unknown form of evil that executes crimes and leaves nothing behind - not even the bodies. This "evil" comes to Swan Loch, Maine and encroaches on their lives and happiness, at last escalating to the point that Molly and Chris's lives are in danger.
This book scared me, which is a definite recommendation to those of you who love to be scared. I read forensics, criminal profiling, and true crime all the time and I don't get scared, but the mystery created for this book is so strange, so eccentric, so unfathomable and so far beyond my realm of understanding that I found myself truly frightened.
I recommend it to all. You get to enjoy a lovely love story (more than one actually) and you will be puzzled, challenged, and frightened by the mystery. Well done, Randy!
Rebecca Ballard

Another Winner from Mr. Mixter -  July 9, 2012 Amazon review
Once I finished reading Randy Mixter's Sarah of the Moon, I was very much anticipating his release of Swan Loch. It was certainly worth the wait! Randy's style of writing draws the reader into the story right from the very beginning and keeps them there right up until the very end.
Swan Loch is a novel that includes down to earth living, nostalgia, romance, mystery, and a very intriguing plot that keeps the reader turning the pages. It ends with a unique supernatural ending that I did not see coming. A true can't-put-it-down thriller.
Robert R. Kolling 

This review is from: Swan Loch (Kindle Edition)
After falling in love with Sarah of the Moon, I was so excited to get my hands on Swan Loch. As I've come to expect from Randy Mixter's writing, I was transported to another time and place with wonderful descriptive detail. I could absolutely picture this Idyllic small town and all the characters within.
Swan Loch has a little something for everyone. There is mystery...heart melting romance...fantasy...magic...
I was drawn in immediately with this sense of foreboding, but also promise. The love shared by our main characters is the kind of rare love that so few find, and I was terrified to see what could happen to destroy that bond. Instead, what I saw is that true love transcends all with a little faith in the unknown and unseen. True love knows no boundaries.
I honestly could not put this book down - thank you for another escape! I can't wait to see what you come out with next!
RN Cutie

What an interesting concept. I enjoyed and liked the well-written characters. I wanted to keep reading to find out what happened next. Really good read.
Bernadette Payne - Amazon review 11/9/12

I absolutely loved Swan Loch. It is so well written that I found myself placed in the story, visualizing each and every character and setting. It's a fast read with excitement, romance, and mystique. This author is going places!
Carol Crouse                                         

great love story  - July 5, 2012 Amazon Swan Loch review
I could not put this book down. The story just kept moving along without any real stopping point. One of the best books I have read. It is a very different story: romance, mystery and supernatural all rolled into one great story.
Sue Baier

Swan Loch is a very interesting and unique book! Randy Mixter is an excellent writer. He combines the romance and love of three couples, suspense, murder, evil, heartbreak, joy, and even the supernatural in this page-turner novel. It is fast-paced and highly descriptive, with good characterization of the interesting people of Swan Loch. The reader gets to know them very well! The unique plot makes you think, "Could it really be? Could it really happen?" If you are looking for a truly different and thought-provoking novel, Swan Loch should be your choice!
Mary Jean O'Keefe - 5 Star Amazon review 6/22/12

Wonderful Book - July 4, 2012 Amazon Swan Loch review
By Larry L. Deibert
With Swan Loch, Randy Mixter has written a book that was hard to put down once I started reading it.
His plot, characters, and settings are so real that you are pulled into the story, visualizing everything that is going on in this small New England town.
After Sheriff Chris Hayward's wife is murdered, he makes finding her his life's quest. She has been whisked away to an alternate universe. When a young girl is found in Swan Loch, stating that she was brought here on the wind, Chris and his friend Emma must follow her to a place much like this Swan Loch, where Chris's wife Molly is alive and well. They must move quickly because the next murder is going to occur in less than twelve hours.Chris must see that that murder never happens.
I am looking forward to the next Randy Mixter novel.

5.0 out of 5 stars - The next Dean Koontz, July 3, 2012
By  Steve M 
This review is from: Swan Loch (Paperback)This book grabs you in the first few pages and doesn't let go until the end. I have long been a fan of Dean Koontz and find this authors style of writing to be remarkably similar. It is a mystery, a love story and a tragedy with an ending that leaves you wondering if something like this is really possible. A great summer read
A Brilliant Book That I Highly Recommend To You. -  Amazon UK review - 30 Jun 2012 
By Janet34Clark
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
This is a brilliant work of fiction, the story line keeps you coming back for more and is very hard to put down once you start reading the book. I will be buying more books by this author, I highly recommend this book and the author to you.

                                                                                     "Wow. This makes a major emotional impact in very few words."
                                                                                                                      Bob Craton  - Smashwords review

                                                                                              RETURN TO THE SUMMER OF LOVE

                                         "My stories have no endings...That`s the joy of them. Endings are too sad, too final. The best stories go on forever." 
                                                                                                                               From Sarah Of The Moon 


                  "Tonight we are of the fire. We are more than a promise. We are the certainty of two hearts joined. We are tomorrow and forever."
                                                                                                                        From Sarah Of The Moon

5 out of 5 stars
Thought provoking and moving - April 2, 2013
By Laura Sheehy
This review is from: Sarah Of The Moon (Kindle Edition)
This book removed the barriers of time and enveloped me in the space that saw hippies and flower children sharing love and freedom. Wishful thinking and powerful beliefs were not enough to send the message like a wildfire thru the world. But, like the story, for a brief moment, I felt like I understood the movement and the driving force behind it. The author weaves a seductive tale that had me crying at the end. Like the youth who didn't want the summer to end, I didn't want this story to end. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a well written story full of love, romance and a sense of history. Even if you desire only one of those, read this book. You will not be disappointed you did.

As soon as I started reading Randy Mixter's bittersweet love story Sarah of the Moon and immediately teleported back to the summer of love, a time that was still innocent with hope not yet destroyed, I felt as though I was in a dream. To be sure, Mixter's lyrical prose, especially his descriptions of Sarah dancing or of Alex taking in all the sights and sounds of Haight-Ashbury, had a very dreamy quality to them. On one hand Mixter's describing what he might have seen if he had been a young, naive man experiencing the hippie culture for the first time and trying to make sense out of it all, but on the other hand there was something much more happening here than reporting this summer of love. Then it hit me what Mixter was really getting after here.
On one level we have the love story between Alex and Sarah, falling in love during this magical summer of love, which is nice and romantic, but on the next level, and this is where the real meaning of the novel becomes profound and poignant, the story is really about the last dying gasps of the innocence the sixties promised. Ever since the assassination of JFK in 1963 and the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, America's youth was living on borrowed time. The summer of 1967 was the last flicker of hope before everything turned tragic the following year. We all know what is going happen the next year: from Tet and the riots in Chicago to the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy.
What Mixter ultimately achieves with this hauntingly lyrical and bittersweet love story reminded me a lot of the movie American Graffiti where the five main characters have one fling together before they embark on their journey through the sixties. In Mixter's novel it's near the end of the sixties and although we do not have the chilling Dragnet-style ending in American Graffiti, we know what lies ahead.
Whether you lived through the sixties or not, Randy Mixter's Sarah of the Moon is one story you will remember long after you have finished reading it.
Jeffrey Miller - Author of Ice Cream Headache.

5 out of 5 stars 
A SHOULD READ, February 23, 2013
By Rosemary
This review is from: Sarah Of The Moon (Kindle Edition)
The Summer of Love !!! The 1967, FLOWERS IN YOUR HAIR - FLOWERS EVERYWHERE era !!! I remember, I was a very sheltered little girl of 15, but hearing about Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco made me want to be there, made many of us want to be there - that's why our parents held so tight !!!! IF YOU'RE GOING TO SAN FRANCISCO, BE SURE TO WEAR SOME FLOWERS IN YOUR HAIR !!! still one of my all time favorite songs, it will bring me back to a time when I was safe and secure, it's okay that daddy's love held on so tight.
The hippie era, :-), sure, it's called that... but we have names for every generation, so it's all right .. Alex shared his point of view as an outsider looking in, sometimes the best point of view.. he had nothing to gain and nothing to lose going in and writing about the way things were ...
I can honestly say, with tears in my eyes, that thanks to Randy Mixter, I finally got to see and experience MY SUMMER OF LOVE by reading SARAH OF THE MOON !!! I will probably read this book again and again, sometimes the friendship, kindness and the love from from a stranger keeps us going back to places one can only visit in our mind's eye !!! THANK YOU RANDY MIXTER FOR MY SUMMER OF LOVE !!!!!!!

5 out of 5 stars
This book wouldn't put me down!, February 23, 2013
By Darkest Yours
I often describe a good book as one which I couldn't put down. But this was not a good book, it was a great one. I don't often review my reading, but this story would not put me down, even long after finishing its final lines. Perhaps it's because the era depicted took me back to happier times. Maybe it's because the author created characters I could identify with on some deep, intimate level. But I suspect it goes beyond that. For once I felt the author actually had something to say! Not only did the original plot take me by surprise, but the depth of feeling, the mystery of who Sarah was, and the way any serious reader can't help but fall in love with her. I also once said that five stars should be reserved for novels like Gone With The Wind, or maybe Harry Potter,in other words, best sellers, but don't be deceived. This novel hasn't gotten the press of some of the best sellers, but it is a first rate read. Couldn't put it down? It never let me go even after finishing. I may be scarred for life in that I'll be a long time finding another book that touches me this way. 

I read a lot of books--some enjoyable and some not so, but thankfully, every now and again I get to really "experience" a book. Surely you understand what I am saying... Well, this is one of those books.
Like most of the books I download from the top 100 free list, I know nothing about the author or their past accomplishments. In many cases, like a really bad blind date, I am happy to call a halt to the budding relationship almost before it begins--but in a few other instances, I pray the relationship will grow and mature. That is the case with this book and its author. Perhaps this one is a fluke, but if this book is an indicator of the caliber of this author's writing, I'll be reading more of his works in the future.
Now don't get the wrong impression! This book is in no way perfect; it has a few errors and omissions which could be cleaned up with some dedicated editing, but that is neither here nor there. This book is simply a stunning portrayal of the lifestyle adopted by a significant number of our youth during the 1960's and into the 70's. The author has the ability to place you within the confines of his re-creation of the times in this fictional tale and in doing so, seemingly transports you back to that era. You see, hear, smell, taste and feel his masterful recreation; your senses become more alive, and you are deeply moved by the story he weaves. I found it to be quite an emotional experience.
I'm not the type of reviewer who gives you a blow by blow rundown of the book...I figure you can get that from the description. What I try to convey is the worth of a book--you know: Is it well written? Does it have a plausible story line? Does the author write from a bland mono-dimensional place or is the text rich and rewarding to read? Does it elicit emotions and do you "live it" page by page? The answers: yes, yes, no/yes, yes and yes!
It's not perfect...just damn near.
This is a coming-of-age story, a fictional re-counting of facts mixed with a beautifully told love story In short, it is simply a wonderful and masterful tale which will "have you" from its start. I give this one 4 ¾ stars and recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading an exemplary book on occasion.
Poia - Amazon review 8/19/12

Today I read "Sarah of the Moon" by Randy Mixter and seldom have I been so touched as I was by his novel set in the Haight-Asbury district of San Francisco in 1967. If it were possible to give this book ten stars instead of merely five I would do so. The purpose of all writing is to transport us to a new destination, to expand our perspective of the world we live in, or to give us a glimpse of an existing world we've never seen. This author does so in such a profound way as to make it seem part of your own experience. There was a line in the story that says more than I ever could about the journey, ("It's a kind place to visit," he said.) I am thankful to own a copy of this book and know that it is one I will read often just because I will miss its presence. I am looking forward with great anticipation to reading all his other works
N.A. Forbush - Taken from the Goodreads website

5 out of 5 stars, February 25, 2013
Cat Lady (Virginia, USA) 
Amazon Verified Purchase
One of the best books I have read in a long time. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the 60s, anyone who enjoys an emotional story, or anyone who considers themselves a lover of beauty & dreams. This was a wonderfully told story!

Wow! This book's a winner!, June 29, 2012
By Dafna Yee
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Sarah Of The Moon (Kindle Edition)Sarah of the Moon was in all ways, a love story: romantic love, love of family, love of friends, even love of country. I know that I am overusing the word, but I absolutely loved this book! I especially liked the touches of the paranormal. (Did Sarah leave out Alex's sneakers because she had knowledge of the future?) This book was indeed a fantasy, but that doesn't make it any less true to life.
All of the characters, even the minor ones (including Jezabel the cat and Oswald the chicken), had distinct and well-rounded personalities. The dialogues were wonderfully evocative of the period as well as emotionally gripping. The imagery was absolutely fantastic; it was vivid, graphic and realistic. The language was free of profanity (at least I don't remember any) and the only thing I would caution people about was the heavy drug use in the story. (It didn't bother me but the purpose of the review is to help other people decide whether or not to read the story.)
Although I did experience the 60's myself (I was born in 1952), for me the biggest summer was 1967 because that was when Israel won the Six-Day War. But that didn't make me blind to the hippie counterculture that was happening at the time, especially in San Francisco. I also had friends who went to Vietnam (sadly, very few returned in one piece) and I attended several anti-war protests.
Overall, I would call this a marvelous reading experience and I highly recommend it.

5.0 out of 5 stars Sarah of the Moon, August 5, 2012
Rebecca Ballard 
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Sarah Of The Moon (Kindle Edition)I read Randy Mixter's charming and surprisingly accurate book, "Sarah of the Moon", on my Kindle. I was drawn to the book because it dealt with San Francisco in 1967, "The Summer of Love". I was amazed this novel was so thoroughly truthful and detailed a picture of the people, the attitudes, the politics, the beauty of the city, and the magic of the time.

Mixter's protagonist is a Baltimore reporter who, trying to impress his editor, proposes a trip to San Francisco where he will stay awhile living amongst the "natives" and write an expose of the crazy and amoral life style burgeoning on the West Coast. Alex, the reporter, comes from a military family and plans to go to Viet Nam when his number comes up. He's a straight guy, an All-American guy and ventures to San Francisco expecting to be appalled by the licentiousness and immorality of the populace. Instead, he is embraced by the people on Haight St., one group in particular who all share an old Victorian house that is falling down around them. Alex gets a section of floor in their house and joins them. Over time he begins to see repeated examples of the people's love, loyalty to one another, how they honor friendship, allow themselves to be vulnerable and open to the criticism they receive in spite of the girl's hairy legs and arm pits and the guys unwashed hair and the dilapidated houses which they turn into homes. And Alex loses his heart to a magical, mystical girl who dances in the moonlight in Golden Gate Park. He longs to know why and what the dance means for her. He and Sarah become a couple but he can never crack the truth about her. In spite of many earnest efforts he is unable to get to know the love of his life. Sarah is the mystery in the book as well as the magic of the Haight-Ashbury and the "movement" that began it all.

Mixter gives Alex a relaxed nonjudgmental voice, portrays both the good and bad of the times, beautifully elucidates the vision of Sarah dancing beneath the moon. The book is a page turner and one that the reader hopes will not end, especially if the reader was there at the time and knows the truths Alex illuminates in his articles. "Sarah of the Moon" is tender, funny, and challenging. It forces one to seriously consider the beliefs, the efforts, the hopes of the 1960s and how and why they failed to change the world. Any piece of literature that forces us to think and perhaps reconsider our beliefs and/or loyalties is a fine piece of literature. And this one gives us poignant love story as well and a quirky, entertaining hippie "family" of misfits we learn to love and respect. This reader will eagerly await the next book by Randy Mixter.

5.0 out of 5 stars A great read!, August 26, 2012
By Leslie
This review is from: Sarah Of The Moon (Kindle Edition)
I absolutely loved this book! Although I finished it last night, I haven't stopped thinking about it since. The characters were so well developed, I felt as if I knew each one of them personally. Great love story. The last line of the book will stay with me for a long time! Thank you!

I am not good at writing anything but I enjoyed this book so much I have to let other people know. I did not want to finish it. It was just a really a good book, right on about the hippies and there lifestyle, it was very funny and also very sad. I started crying at the last chapter and didn't stop. I cried myself to sleep. I am going to wait a month or so and read it again 
Karen T. - Amazon Review 9/6/12

Name: Sarah Of The Moon
Author: Randy Mixter
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 232
Summary: In the aftermath of the war with Afghanistan, we are taken back in time to the longest war in US history. It is a time when John Lennon’s Yesterday played in juke boxes and two fingers held up in a ‘V’ formation became the official peace sign. Author Randy Mixter paints a vivid picture of the Hippies in the summer of l967 San Francisco.
After graduating from high school, Alex Conley waits for his draft notice while working as a part-time reporter at the Baltimore Sunpapers. Alex’s father sermonizes that his son will, by God, serve his country like he did in World War II. He also needs little prompting to give his less than admirable opinion of the lazy, druggies who call themselves Hippies.
Against his father’s wishes, Alex accepts a temporary assignment in San Francisco to write a weekly column about the Hippies. Alex’s boss hooks him up with his nephew, Chick, who lives in the infamous Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. Men, women and children occupy the small home, their sleeping quarters divided only by sheets draped from the ceiling.
When Alex meets Sarah, the beautiful girl who dresses in white and dances under the moonlight, he knows he has seen her in past dreams. As they begin to fall in love, Sarah tells Alex that her parents speak to her from beyond the grave and tells her of the future. And when Sarah encourages Alex to wear tennis shoes instead of sandals that become key to saving a child’s life, he becomes a believer. Alex’s columns give insight into the thoughts of those committed to world peace.
Alex and Sarah’s love affair is not the fickle flirtatious love of youth, but the kind of deep emotional love, laced with respect and acceptance, that lasts a lifetime.
Opinion: Sarah Of The Moon is a beautiful, well-written story that offers much more than just a love story. It is also a fresh, insightful view as to the reasoning of those opposed to the Vietnam War. Randy Mixter gently peels back the layers of the emotional and psychological trauma surrounding the era. Mr. Mixter not only tells the story of those dedicated to saving their own generation, but of those committed to fighting for their country.

Quote: “Someone said something to Sarah and she laughed. It was a beautiful sound. He knew then, in that moment, he had found a place where beauty truly existed. A place where a child of the moon danced on a summer hill in a sun washed breeze. A place where the laughter of a girl dressed in white and a windswept song not only shared the same moment, but also had the exact same sound. “

With over l9 years of US involvement in the War, and statistics stating that 58,148 American soldiers were killed in Vietnam, 61% younger than 21, even if opposed, the counter-movement is not difficult to understand.
Sarah Of The Moon is a heartfelt premise of those present day Baby Boomers once referred to in their youth as ‘Hippies.’

Recommendation: Mr. Mixter’s ability to communicate in a thought provoking way is a rare find. Not just a novel for Baby Boomer’s, but for anyone who would enjoy an ‘up close and personal’ novel about the hopes and dreams of youth.
Rating: 5 Stars
Kimberly Shursen - Underground Book Reviews

This book was absolutely beautifully written.
 I felt like I was reading a memoir because the details were so vivid. I was transported to a time I've never really known much about and actually found myself longing to have been able to experience a summer of such freedom and beauty. I fell in love with the characters. They are written in such a way that you would have trouble convincing me that they aren't real people. I really cared about them and feel like I want to know what they are doing with their lives now. It isn't often a work of fiction has that effect on me. Well done!
Leslie - 5 Star Goodreads and Amazon review posted March 6, 2012

5 out of 5 stars
A blast from the past
February 18, 2013
By Heather Marsten
This review is from: Sarah Of The Moon (Kindle Edition)
I loved this book. I selected it as a reminder of this time period of my past. Randy Mixter did a great job describing the year after the summer of love in California. I never spent time in California, but lived a similar lifestyle in the Midwest. The research from this time period was fantastic. I enjoyed the characters and felt the emotional upheaval that they faced. I was sorry to see this story end. Well done.

Randy Mixter's tale, Sarah of the Moon, was nothing like what I expected. I was pleasantly surprised when I read the first chapter. When I found that much of it took place in an area and atmosphere of which I had no experience I began to get caught up in the story. Randy draws his characters well with broad brushstrokes without resorting to gimmicks or stereotypes except in the loosest way. The story of the boy from Baltimore and the enigmatic San Francisco Flower Child, Sarah, is as touching as any I have ever read. Moon Crossed lovers like Romeo and Juliet, their story is well worth reading.
Well done, Randy. Well done. I loved it!
James Battee -author of Double Trouble on Corned Beef Row 

This book was offered as a free Kindle download and I hesitated to download it as there was another book about "the summer of love" that disappointed me. This book did not. The author did a great job introducing characters who were well described and whom I came to care about as he described what they were going through during that summer in San Fransisco. He has a clear voice and the ability to capture the readers attention and make them keep turning the page. It won't take long to read this but you will enjoy the time you spend doing so. I shall look for more books by this author .
William - Amazon review 9/4/12

I am an avid reader. Whether it be a book purchased on Kindle or "the real thing", when I find an author I love it is hard to wait for their next treasure to arrive in the book store. "Sarah of the Moon" was a treasure worth waiting for. I love "Sarah of the Moon" so much that I read it three (3), (yes, three!) times. And each and every time I was taken back to the gentler days of the 60's when all that generation wanted was peace, love and freedom to do what "felt good". Along comes Alex, the main character in the book, who tries out this lifestyle and quickly find out how addictive, even without the use of drugs, it can be. Alex goes to San Francisco on a assignment that changes his life and the way he thinks. "Sarah of the Moon" allows the reader to come to their own conclusion about the hippie culture. It is positive in it's description of that lifestyle at that time. I took away a new respect of just what the real intention of that culture was and what they tried to achieve. This is a beautiful love story that blossoms and peaks in one summer. Randy Mixter keeps you guessing as to just what the elusive Sarah, who the book was named after, wants from Alex. Is she in love with him? He clearly is in love with her. Does she eventually return his affection? Read "Sarah of the Moon" and find out for yourself. Don't be surprised if you find yourself wanting to read it more than once. It is that kind of book!
Joan Gunby

This is one book I could not put down. Randy Mixter brought me into the Haight-Ashbury boarding house of this family. The emotional suspense was drawing me to the very last page in hopes of a fairy tale ending.
Having grown up in the 60's, drafted into the Army, and serving in Vietnam, I could easily relate to the story, and I pictured myself in Alex's place. Sarah drew me in as it did Alex. The daily activities, the music, and the culture was there for me to touch. Sarah's aura was mysterious, yet magical.
This book will stay with me for a long time to come. In my opinion, it would make a perfect made-for-TV movie.
I highly recommend it to readers of all genres.
Robert Kolling -

I thought this was a short story because I read the author's website that he has written short stories. Then I noticed that this was a full-length novel of over 200 pages. A surprise, but a nice one.
I enjoyed this story of a summer mystery love in San Francisco when Alex meets Sarah, his mysterious dancing girl.
When I was reading this book during a flight, and I wondered what could I write about this book that had not been said before. It is a bit nostalgic, definitely a love story, a fiction with interesting characters - some usual and some unusual...
I guess I liked most about how this author creates the world where he places his fictional characters. He makes the city feel alive.
A&D - Amazon posted review June 3, 2012

Everyone's memory of the 60s is their own. I enjoyed readng this account which may have been fictious. The characters had a true quality to them and were not stereotypes. Having been part of this generation and familiar with "The Haight" I would recommend reading it. I found interesting how the beginning of the end of the hippie culture seemed to come about according to the story. It is something I often wonder about and find regretful. Everyone who reads this book will fall in love with Sarah...I know I did. I got this book for free on my Kindle but if you have to payfor it, it is worth the money.
J. Reich - "Reader" (Pacific Northwest)

I got this book free for my Kindle. I must say, it was much better than most of the other free books I've gotten. It's a gentle and mystical love story set in Haight Ashbury during the summer of love. The author does a great job of capturing the mixed allegiances of the Vietnam era and how torn young people were when faced with the draft and trying to both please their parents and be true to themselves. Great read! 
Vicki - Amazon review 8/29/12

A top-rate novel of 'the times' (the 60's.. I lived them, and truly can attest!).. Totally accurate!! 
As a novelist myself.. and likewise having written a (forthcoming..) novel on this "Summer of Love" period.. I, at times, saw some 'striking similiarities' in both works (Which initially bothered me, I'll admit!.. Heck, no one likes to be accused of plagiarism!!!!)..But, it finally dawned on me..'Hey, that was the mindset then!.. This was the sort of thinking and sentiment that prevailed in those days!.. The things that mattered, etc.. and so, it's magical carry-over, thru the years (in the writings of it)!' Yes, this book lives and breaths of it.. and I highly recommend it, if you 'experienced' then (or even just 'wanted to' vicariously!).. Yeah... As the Beatles put it.."I'd love to turn... you on!" (Day in the Life")
Mark Brine - Recording artist and author 

Sarah of the Moon -  3 July 2012
By Celtic Magpie
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase (Amazon UK)
To be honest, I only got this book because I was intrigued by the title and loved the cover! But I was completely enthralled by it as I was reading it and it left me with many thoughts once I had finished it.
It is a perfect balance of war (Vietnam) and peace (summer of love), romance, mystery, compassion, energy which makes it a joy to read. If, like me, you have read some of the other reviews then you know that this does not have a "happy ever after" which is unusual for a romance book. But the ending does fit the book and will leave you with a lump in your throat and questions in your mind.
A book that I have really enjoyed!  

This is a must read, January 3, 2012
I was so excited to have found this book because my dad was born in 1949 in San Francisco, and to this day he is what you would call an old school hippie. I hated anything to do with that when I was a child and was horribly embarrassed by my father, and even cringed when tie-dye came back into style several years ago, but reading this book gave me a piece of what my fathers early years were like and helps me to understand him more. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore the man, he's my hero, I was just a normal teenager who was embarrased by her parents.
This book was written so well, it was amazing. I felt like I was on the streets of San Fransisco and I was going to pass by a much younger version of my dad at any moment. I love all types of books and feel that I grow every time I read something as amazing as this one. I loved Sarah so much and how she was mysterious and slowly started to give pieces of herself away.
Spoiler Alert: The car scene was so dang terrifying. First the way the previous chapter ended making me wonder what was going to happen, and then I could practically feel the tension as he was running. I'm trying to say this without giving things away. My heart was pounding. Also another scene with the officers, I actually laughed out loud, making my husband ask what was so funny. I rarely laugh out loud when reading. I will smile, or cry, but rarely laugh.
This book has it all, mystery, romance, history, and teaches us to have compassion for things that we just don't understand. This book was written so well. You will certainly be missing out on something special if you don't read this amazing book. I also went and looked at the author's profile and found it really interesting that he served in Vietnam and was still able to write something so compelling. It wasn't done as a political statement, and it wasn't done trying to preach one side verses the other. It was done so tastefully and uniquely and I will definitely buy more of this authors work. Amazing Book!!!
Melody Anne - Author of The Billionaire series

This story took me way back...Nothing was left behind, and it stayed true to the era. The struggles that Alex had to endure to 'fit in', were really written well. After finishing this book, I found myself at a loss for words. This is truly a multi-faceted story, like a diamond that shines in many directions. I could see Sarah dancing in my mind, and I feel all of Alex's love for her..The cover is beautiful.
A very, well written work of art.
Terri Marie - Author of The Shack, Merry And A Cat Named Cha-moan

This is a touching love story about a particular generation (1967 West coast teen Sarah) that loved the idea of peace and love. Alex ,the main character on the other hand was from the 1967 East coast world , a reporter with a different set of ideas about life.
I was struck by the honesty and sensitivity of both main characters,and the fact that they both took directions
in life that were not the easiest decisions but what they both truly believed in.
There is an innocence to this story, that is refreshing.
I picked the book up and could not put it down.
Very well written.
This book would make a great movie.
David L. Simpson - Author of Loch Raven

This book was a truly engaging story about Alex Conley, a writer for the Baltimore Sunpapers, who went on assignment in San Francisco during the "hippie movement" and Summer of Love. Alex was asked to write about the day to day lives of the hippies who lived in the Haight-Ashbury community. Once there, he realized he finally found Sarah, the girl who was in so many of his dreams. Alex's evolving relationship with Sarah and his quest to find out who she was, and what she was all about, keeps you in suspense until the end. The many other supporting characters and their lives during the "Summer of Love," added so much interest to the plot of the story. I felt that every angle of this book was well-thought-out and well-written by the author.
Lisa Brown

-At first glance, I honestly thought this was going to be one of those sappy romance novels.AND I was wrong, it isFAR MORE than that. It's most likely because the description and the cover doesn't give the book the justice it truly deserves.(Some Hipster Chick, would be cool)
After the first two chapters, I was sucked in and couldn't put it down. Alex, the eighteen year old part-timer for a paper interested me. Why? Well, the era. Hippies are something I never read about before, and other than listening to the Beatles on occasion and watching their Hollywood true stories, I didn't know anything about that time period. And neither did Alex, a kid from a strict military family...until...(Readit) It made me think about where I would be at eighteen during the 1960's and if I'd be a bare foot walking flower child? My heart cried out for the main character, all I wanted was for him to have his happy ending. And that's saying something that I instantly fell in love with him. In the end I found myself wishing that there we're still more hippies, that there we're still people like that everywhere. Quite possibly I'm sure there could be, but that era in itself is gone. Which makes me incredibly sad, because their culture is one I could perfectly understand. Especially during these times.

This is the second book I have read by Randy Mixter. The author has a unique gift for recreating a place and time that now exists only in his mind and we are lucky enough to get to go there with him. Through the eyes and ears of the 18 y.o. main character, fledgling reporter Alex Conley, we wander the streets of Haight-Ashbury in the summer of 1967. We move into a crash pad with him, meet and fall in love with the ultimate "flower child,"the beautiful and enigmatic Sarah all the while meeting a cast of very believable hippie characters. Alex comes from a traditional American family and with that comes obligations. We know right up front that he is dropping in for a few months and then returning to reality, which includes another relic of those days, being drafted to do 24 months as a soldier for Uncle Sam. Those of us who lived during those frightening days of the VietNam war will "get" that the Draft is one of the main characters in this book too.
If you missed the Summer of Love in 1967 then its not too late to go back. Alex and Sarah will let you hang with them. Kick off your shoes, smell the ganja, hear the bongos, bump into Gerry Garcia and the Jefferson Airplane, get a free meal from the Diggers before watching the stars from Hippie Hill. It's "far out, man."
Jack Flynn
5 out of 5 stars
Wonderful unique story, February 10, 2013
By Donna Noren
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Sarah Of The Moon (Kindle Edition)
I read this book in one day. Once I started reading I couldn't stop. It is one of the best stories I have ever read and I read a lot. It is enchanting and the characters are sweet and memorable. I give this book the highest rating. It is not the same ole story.

A great book by Randy Mixter
The main character, Alex, is a bored reporter for a hometown newspaper and he was stuck in a small cubicle assigned to covering local events. He is a temp, he is bored with covering garden shows and county fairs types of stories. Just when he thinks he cannot stand the boredom any longer, his boss gives him an assignment to go to Haight-Ashbury, CA to cover the Summer of Love in 1967. Alex is delighted and jumps at the chance to do something much more fun. His boss hooks Alex up with his nephew, a guy named, Chick, who maintains a house where the Flower Children live.
a clueless young man
Alex comes from the East and when East meets West, Alex at first, experiences culture shock. He has heard of Hippies but never met any before now. He finds they seem almost foreign in nature, compared to the straight laced life with his mother and retired military, father back home.
The Hippies dress differently, they indulge in recreational drugs and they even seem to talk a whole different language than Alex has ever known before. But it isn't long before the Hippies, most of them anyway, make him feel at home. Chick even gives Alex a tour of the area and helps Alex buy some Hippie clothes so he doesn't stick out like a sore thumb.
A couple of people living in the house though find it difficult to warm up to Alex fully, until, one day, Alex is on the front porch alone and observes a raid going on down the street at another house. Alex alerts Chick and Chick alerts the others of the house, causing them to be more cautious about where they stash their drugs. Finally the two hippies who weren't sure of Alex, admit they, at first thought he might be a Narc, but now know differently. He becomes somewhat of a hero. Finally he fits in.
a Moon Child named Sarah
Alex first sees Sarah when Chick takes him to a local park where the Flower Children congregate. It is nighttime and Alex sees a beautiful young woman, on a hill, dancing in the moonlight under a large tree. He recognizes this young woman. They have never met in person before, but he has seen her in his dreams. He asks himself: "Could this be the same woman of my dreams?" They meet after her dance and Sarah remains mysterious and aloof. It is difficult for Alex to get close to her or find out much about her past life.
Alex falls hopelessly and totally in love with Sarah. Alex finds out Sarah is what is known as a moon child. Meaning she was born during an eclipse. It is believed, by the house members, that Sarah has special powers, enabling her to see some things others don't always see.
This is a compelling book, telling the fascinating story of the Summer of Love at its height in 1967 California. I guarantee you too will find it difficult to put down.
Steve Weathers - The Weathers Book Blog

I am not much of a reader but once I started Sarah of the Moon, I was drawn into the story like never before. I was in my late twenties during the period of the novel and a Vietnam Veteran. When Matt's character, the vet was introduced I found myself in tears. Everyone has a long lost love of some kind, and this story brought my memories to the surface.
Great read!
Al Bradley - 615th MP Co. 1967-68

What a good read! Set during the Summer of Love, the author recreates San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury of 1967 while artistically telling the love story between a young Baltimore reporter, out to discover a new world, and a flower child who is firmly entrenched in that world.
Randy Mixter includes realistic references to all of the elements of those troubled times including the new "hippie" movement, free love, drugs, Viet Nam War, the military draft, and the rock music that originated in SF.
Sarah of the Moon takes you there.
Mary Ann Zeller

A touching love story
By Katherine Gunby
Sarah of the Moon is a touching love story. Alex is a young reporter who writes first person news stories about the progressive San Fransisco hippie movement during the Vietnam War. While living with and writing about people in the Haight-Ashbury District, Alex meets the mysterious Sarah. Sarah is a leader and a voice of hope in a world of chaos. The two are clearly meant for each other and their relationship, although brief, forever changes him. Alex is young, down-to-earth, open minded and extremely likeable. It's easy for readers to connect with him throughout the story. The author weaves a fast-paced story about friendship and romance set in a time of turmoil.

A great summer read!
By Dave Baier
Finished reading "Sarah" and loved it. It was easy reading and really held my interest. I love the way the book captures the way things were during that period and how the people caught up in the "movement" were capable of bonding and helping each other out. I love the romance between Alex and Sarah and the way she continued to remain a mystery to him all the way to the end. This is really a must read story of what it was like in the days of war and protest in this area of the country.

By Donna Krull
This review is from Sarah Of The Moon (Paperback)
I really enjoyed Sarah of the Moon. Having lived during this time, it brought back many memories - The Beatles, Baltimore, hippies, and flower power. Reading about the brick row houses with marble steps brought back happy memories of my days at my grandmother's house on Baltimore Street.I couldn't put the book down - waiting to find out what became of Alex and Sarah. Reading about the Vietnam war brought back memories of my older brother - a Marine who fought in that war. If you like traveling back to the 60's, this book is for you!

By Mary J OKeefe
This review is from: Sarah Of The Moon (Paperback)
I loved Sarah of the Moon! It is a very interesting and descriptive love story set amid the hippie culture of 1967. Having lived during the 1960s, I was aware of the hippies and the Peace Movement, but did not know all the details of their culture and style of living. Randy Mixter expertly describes and explains this way of life while weaving a romance between Sarah, a mysterious Flower Child living in Haight-Ashbury, and Alex, a part-time newspaper reporter from Baltimore. Mr. Mixter's vivid description of places like the Hippie's house, Sarah's hill, and the "Pillow Room" are so detailed that I could possibly draw a picture of them. I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

A Good Tale
By Lynn Rybicki
"Sarah of the Moon" flows like a good high--smooth and mellow. It hearkens back to an era of hopes and dreams scarred by the reality of war, and exalts the flower children who wanted to change the world. It is a good tale, well and simply told.
It is a love story.
I highly recommend it.

By Steve M
I totally enjoyed Sarah of the Moon. For me the Summer of Love was filled with joy and sorrow, joy at the prospect of graduating high school and the new world that was opening before me. Sorrow that the "old gang" was breaking up, some going on to college some to the military. It was this time that Randy Mixter has captured in this book. A time when young men in the military were the subject of scorn and those of us of draft age faced the question, Do we run or do we fight? This book tells that story, a story of love and heartbreak. I was not a hippie nor did I ever make it to the places that this book takes us, but in many ways it is the story of our generation.

                                                                TRUE  AND OFTEN HUMOROUS STORIES ABOUT GROWING UP IN THE 1960s             

By Jack Flynn
This is a great book for anyone who wants to visit or better yet revisit a typical boy's coming of age in the 50's and 60's through the experiences and memories of its talented author as he grows up in suburban Baltimore. Its appeal is universal as you travel back to the outdoors world of Randy and his brother and friends. You slip away from parents and teachers into the magical world of scary woodland nights, warm summer days, chasing girls, parking, discovering rock and roll. The author's ability to recall events and people in wonderfully exquisite detail has the effect of bringing your own pre-teen and teen years back to life. There is a magical wonder to that all too short time in your life, and living it in the post war days in America was a gift. It was all low-tech by today's standards but I think a lot more fun. This is a wonderful book and I enjoyed every page.
By J. Stillwell
When I reached my 60s, the memories of my youth seemed like a treasure box filled with days that sparkled like diamonds and nights burnished as dark as onyx. As I age, and slowly forget the wonders of those times, the contents of the box get smaller and smaller. Thankfully, I recently read The Boys Of Northwood. Though I grew up in Ohio, I found myself relating to nearly all the stories in this book. The antics on Halloween, the record hops, cruising in cars for girls, they're all here and so much more. Randy Mixter has managed to capture his youth, and mine too, and then released those wonderful memories to run free through the pages of this book. I laughed at The Mello-Men and The Bad Bathroom Day, and cried at the end during the final journey back.
Thanks Randy for the memories and for the treasure box, once more filled with jewels.

Wonderful memories!
By  Chris Milford - Germany 
The short stories in this book are wonderfully nostalgic and vividly describe the goings on of a group of neighborhood friends from the Baltimore neighborhood called Northwood. When I read this book, Jean Shepard's Christmas Story immediately came to mind. Mr. Mixter has a way of telling a tale from his adventures as a teen that transports the reader back in time to the early 60's. Those were innocent times before people locked their doors and the neighbors knew each other. The book is full of humor and you'll enjoy the trip to a simpler life if only for a short time. I would love a sequel.

5 Stars for The Boys of Northwood  - Amazon Review  April 12, 2012
By E.
Reading this book leaves one with a warm feeling of remembrance - how sweet it was to grow up in MD during the late 1950-60's. The book is written with great attention to detail - a tribute to the author's memory and gives one a feeling of shared experiences. There were chapters where I laughed out loud. Two of my favorite stories were the "dance" at the Northwood Rec Center with the Mello-Men and the Northwood School Summer Fair. Open the book at any point and be immediately transported back in time by the author's recall of music, seasonal events or even favorite types of candy. This was a thoroughly enjoyable read and I look forward not only to sharing it with friends but to reading it again in future

I really liked this book - June 3, 2012
By Researcher
Growing Up In Baltimore City 1958 to 1966... there was something nostalgic about this book. I had to buy it to see what the story was all about.... I've never been in Baltimore, and I was reading this without any knowledge of this city today or in 1960s. I did not have any previous opinions of this writer or this city, but I was delighted to read these short stories and get a glimpse of what the world was like when you were growing up in a city like Baltimore. It was different than where I grew up but there are always similar things that happen to all the teenagers, like dating, going to movies, and so on.
You can actually feel the hot summer and the gentle breeze of the wind when you read this book. The writer has successfully captured the teenage boys and their adventures and makes the reader to live with the boys during different seasons, and see what the boys see ...
It is a collection of short stories, some are better than the others (in my opinion), but overall, it was a good collection.
I don't know if this was the first book by this author but it was a first one I had read, and I'm going to follow this author's work from now on.

Not Just for Boys!  5 Star Amazon review May 31, 2012
By Joan Gunby
I was delighted to find Randy Mixter's book, "The Boys of Northwood, " is reading that is not just for boys. I believe this is Mixter's first novel and he weaves tales of his boyhood adventures with the Northwood gang, perhaps with a little embellishment, that are humorous and just plain fun to read. Mixter and his buddy's antics throughout each chapter tell of a much more innocent time when things like "Sewer pipe exploring" and "Riding in the trunk"(actual chapter titles) to avoid having to pay for a car load of friends in a drive in movie, are truly extreme adventures for that time period. If you lived during that time period, nostalgia will take over and transport you back to that chapter in your life. if you did not, you can only experience the adventures through this book or perhaps a movie depicting this time and the innocence lost to it. Any book that makes me laugh out loud is more than worth the purchase price and I did a lot of laughing out loud while reading this book.

By Lisa Best Brown
This is a great book which I highly recommend to anyone who lived their youth in the 1950's and 1960's! I lived on the same street in Northwood as Randy Mixter but never knew him. Reading all of the heartfelt and funny stories of his youth made me feel like I have known him all along!! What a fun trip down memory lane which took me back to a simpler time in life! Way to go Randy!!!
By Carol CrouseIt was wonderful to go back to a far less complicated time when typically the only things needed to have fun were a few kids, a fertile imagination, and at times, a ball of any sort. This quick read puts a smile on your face and makes you feel young again. Knowing the Northwood area of Baltimore and the characters added to my enjoyment but anyone growing up in the 60s and 70s can enjoy and relate to this entertaining book.

By Lynda Davidson
You need to get this book! It's filled with wonderful funny stories of a group of best friends growing up in the 60's in Baltimore. No matter where you are from, if you are in this age group it will take you back. The stories are true as my husband WAS ONE of the Northwooders featured in the book and was priviledged to be a part of these best friends. What John Waters has accomplished in film for Baltimore, Randy has accomplished it in print.

By Mary O'Keefe
Oh the memories! The Boys of Northwood is a collection of interesting memoirs from Randy Mixter's childhood of the 1950s and teenage years of the 1960s. I have never met the author, but I am the same age as him, went to school in Northwood, and had several friends who lived there. Many of the Baltimore area places that Mr. Mixter writes about were also ones I frequented. After reading this entertaining book, I felt a strong urge to write about my own childhood adventures!