Randy Fuller


I write about wine.  I also narrate audiobooks.  I am a social media consultant. In my "spare" time, I sell things.


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My Now And Zin Wine is a daily offering of wine news, features and tasting notes which is geared toward an entry-level wine lover, but which is often found to be of interest to more experienced enthusiasts.

The Now And Zin Wine Report is a nationally distributed daily feature on wine.

I write a feature called "Blood Of The Vines"  for the Trailers From Hell blog, 
From Hell It Came, in which I make tongue-in-cheek suggestions for movie and wine pairings.

I am presently attempting to taste wine from all 50 states in America.  Follow my Wine Country series on Now And Zin.

I'm sharing my iPhone photo collection at iPhone Pix Fix.

Middle Crescent Media is a collaborative effort of which I am one half.  

Middle Crescent Media creations included apps for the iPhone, iPad & iPodTouch: Dr Insult, Tai Chi ChairWhy The Platypus Doesn't Sing,  Hollywood Facts & Legends and Food Facts & Legends.  We have since moved away from app production to focus on internet projects.  I did the writing and voice for Dr. Insult.

The Middle Crescent Media YouTube channel is Middle Crescent Media.

I have also contributed sporadically to 30 Days Out, a friend's blog which is concerned primarily with the music world.

My photo of Trefethen Vineyards in Napa was selected for use in the Schmap Napa Valley guide.  You'll have to scroll down to Trefethen.  The photo was taken with an iPhone and emailed into Flickr.

I was editor and principal writer for 661 Magazine, which unfortunately was a victim of the poor economy.  The website has been taken down.

E.mail me at randyfuller55@zoho.com


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My YouTube channel is randyfuller1.

My wife, Denise Fondo, has two wonderful sites:
http://middlecrescentkitchen.blogspot.com/ and
http://icooktheworld.com.  Foodies will love them.
They are updated sporadically, but the content is 
worth waiting for! :)