Randy's Video



"Dancing in the Light" Concert 2007


The video images were manipulated in real time through ArKaos Video DJ software.  The images move in response to note numbers and breath controller data. Other controls like pitch bend and mod wheel motion were used to vary the look of the images. I used a few short movie clips along with a wide assortment of jpeg photo images as the starting point for the image processing done with ArKaos.  The computer was a Mac G4 laptop and I used a MOTU Fastline-USB to receive data from the Synthophone.


"Dreaming of You"

Dancers: 1) Lisa Marie 2) Taki Demia
the video images are paintings from Boston area artist Dan Hart.



 "Electronic Wind Song"
Ralp Rosen: Dumbec & Chromatic Hamonica
Mike Carrera: Keys & Vocals



"S" is for Synthophone Concert 2006



"African Fire" Concert 1999
Introduction to the Synthophone