My name is Rand Hardy, a Senior at the University of San Francisco, and this will be where you can access all of my CS 107 work throughout the Fall 2012 semester. Throughout the next couple of months I will be learning to create Android apps and use them throughout my career in marketing. I am currently working on my degree in marketing through the McLaren School of Management. I was born and raised in Orange County, and realized that had to escape to San Francisco for my four years of college. I have not looked back since. I cannot wait to see how I can use apps through all walks of my life (especially marketing and advertising).

To contact me, please E-Mail me at:

Favorite Applications:

Disney Quiz (Creative Project 1)                                                          
This was our first creative project, and we decided to make a cool quiz app about Disneyland, CA. The app was our first real impressive app, and has 16 questions. There are many different routes that you can take throughout the app so that you do not get the same questions every time.

Monster Mash! (Mole Mash Tutorial)                                                       
This app is mole mash like game that has a cool Halloween theme to it. Try to click on the picture of the monster in order to get a high score. You can also change the speed to whatever you want in order to make the game harder or easier.

Lucky Shooter (Game Project)                                                                   
This app is shooter game that I made that uses lucky charms as a theme. The goal is to shoot lucky the leprechaun with marshmallows while avoiding your friend. Try to get a high score within the allotted time!

Paint Pot                                                                                       
The paint pot app was a cool little tutorial that lets you paint on whatever picture you want. It is pretty fun in order to kill a little time. There are a couple of different colors to pick and can change from lines to dots just by pressing or by drawing on the picture.