Mandhardevi 200

Welcome to the scenic, serpentine roads of Mandhardevi. I am putting a route guide here for everyone's convenience. 

Here is a link to the route MAP.

Following are the major turns and twists.
  • The ride starts at Cafe Nook Balewadi rd, off Baner Rd. 
  • Take Baner road to reach NH4, Turn left.
  • Take NH4 to head towards Satara (Kolhapur / Bangaluru)
  • At KM 45.5, you cross a village called Kapurhol. Leave the highway and take right turn, just opposite to the following hotel. You are now on State highway 70.
  • Just before Bhatghar dam on a T junction, at KM 53.5, turn right to reach Bhadghar DAM control.
  • Bhatghar DAM control

  • Once you are done with the formalities at this control, come back to state highway 70 and head straight towards Bhor.
  • After crossing state transport bus stand of Bhor, take right at KM 64.5.
  • Just after half a KM at 65KM you will see Chhatrapati Shivaji statue. Take left to head to Mandhardevi. 
  • Sign after taking left at Shivaji chowk
  • At KM 75, at following location, take left and start climbing Mandhardevi. Good Luck.
  • Just before Mandhardevi, Wai, Bhor junction, on top of the ghat.
  • Take right to Wai on the junction, on top of Mandhardevi ghat. Enjoy the rolling terrain, your earnings.
  • Be very careful while rolling down the slope, it quite a slope. 
  • At KM 95.5, you will reach Wai MIDC juction. Take left to head towards Wai Surur road.
  • Look for the control on the junction of Wai Sirur road. Congrates, you have reached the turn point. Best of luck for your return journey. 
  • While returning back, just after Chhatrapati Shivaji statue, do not forget to take a left to Bhatghar dam, otherwise you will end up taking a very long route.
  • We are waiting to welcome you at Coffee Katta.
  • Well done Guys. See you at the next brevet.

BY - Sunil Chathekar