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rides on Saturday May 6th

posted May 2, 2017, 5:06 PM by Mark Beaver
Hi folks - looks like the possibility of a fenders-and-raingear kind of weekend.  Our schedule has two ride options this weekend, a 200k brevet and a 120km ride that accompanies the brevet as far as Rawdon.

Both rides will assemble to depart at 8:00AM on Saturday from Graham's Grove in Dartmouth.

The 200k brevet is entitled, "MacPhee Corner - Alton 200".  Link to the route is

The 120km shorter option is entitled, "Rawdon - Nine Mile River".  See

There are not many stores for the first half of both rides so please bring along some pocket food to get you there.

The 200k brevet will ride the new pavement of the Beaver Bank Road to Rawdon (not mentioning the last six km's which are still unimproved...) then heading east through Cheese Factory Corner and MacPhee's Corner to Maitland and a stop at the historic Frieze & Roy General Store.  (Stock up on food here as there isn't another store until Elmsdale.)  We'll then proceed south to South Maitland and Shortt's Lake to Alton and Coldstream then on to Gay's River and Elmsdale then back into the city.

The 120km option escorts the brevet riders as far as Rawdon, then branches off to Nine Mile River and Elmsdale then back into town.

Those who plan to ride the 200km brevet are requested to let me know of their intention to participate by Friday afternoon, so that I can prepare brevet cards for you.  Those wishing to order a 200km medal for the ride are requested to bring $15 to the start. We will monitor the forecast regarding weather conditions on Saturday vs Sunday - stay tuned for updates...

All riders must be members of Randonneurs Nova Scotia to participate - those who haven't joined yet should print off their membership application at and bring it along with them.