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400k brevet on Saturday June 3rd

posted May 30, 2017, 5:13 PM by Mark Beaver

Hello folks, this weekend we have one of our more challenging yet more rewarding rides of the year, our 400km brevet.

This ride is entitled, "Maitland - West River 400".  Link to the route is

This ride departs at midnight Friday night from the parking lot in front of the Sunnyside Mall in Bedford.  

Our course will lead us out through the Beaver Bank Road to Rawdon, thence to Shubenacadie and Stewiacke, where our first controle is at the 24-hour Tim Hortons, for food and coffee.  We then ride toward Kennetcook and watch the sun rise in the Kennetcook Valley as we make our way to Noel and on to our second controle, at the Frieze and Roy store and cafe, where we will breakfast - it opens at 8AM so don't be in a big hurry or anything.

We then wind our way through Truro and Mount Thom to West River, then onward through to Eastville and Upper Stewiacke, then on to Middle Musquodoboit, Dollar Lake, Enfield, and back in to Bedford again.  Easy as that!

As this is a brevet which involves a long stretch of night riding out in the countryside where there are no streetlightsAudax Club Parisien equipment regulations are in effect.  Riders MUST have a primary bright front light and a secondary bright light in case the first one fails.  Riders are also required to have two non-flashing red rear lights, at least one of which must be on during all periods of darkness in a steady beam (non-flashing) setting.  Rear lights must not be blocked by clothing or gear bags.  All riders must wear a reflective vest during night-time riding, as well as other reflective material such as legbands etc.  Riders not complying with these requirements will not be permitted to start.

Please notify me of your intention to participate by Thursday evening June 1st.  If you wish to earn a commemorative medal for your achievement, please bring $15 to the start of the ride.  

You will find that the night-time hours feel quite a bit colder than the temperature forecast would imply; as you body is normally asleep late at night, your metabolism will be slow and you may feel sleepy.  I will have some caffeine pills if you are having difficulty staying awake in the darkness, just ask.  Bring warm gloves and other warm clothing, and bring a sizeable bag on your bike capable of storing that clothing when it warms up in the morning and afternoon.  There are some long stretches of road without stores on this course, including Route 4 through Mount Thom and Route 289 between Green Hill and Upper Stewiacke so be sure to carry sufficient energy food to carry you to the next controle.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Mark Beaver,
May 30, 2017, 5:13 PM