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300k on Saturday May 20th

posted May 16, 2017, 5:19 PM by Mark Beaver
Hi folks - coming up this weekend is one of our feature challenge events, our 300km brevet.

This ride is entitled, "Lakelands - Lake Paul 300"- link to the ride is

I've attached the cue sheet for this ride, I would recommend bringing it with you for when your Garmin batteries die.  A sheet of paper doesn't weigh much.  Riders who rely on a Garmin to find their way will be advised to bring a battery pack and wire to recharge.

This ride will assemble to depart at 6AM Saturday morning.  As this is a brevet ride where there is a likelihood of riding in darkness, bright lights are required.  A solid (non-flashing) rear light and a front light bright enough to light your path where there are no streetlights are mandatory.  A reflective vest is also mandatory equipment and must be worn at night.

We will head off through Mount Uniacke to Windsor, our first controle stop.  We'll take the Bluff Road to Avonport, then the Gaspereau Valley to White Rock, and backroads to English Mountain Road for a descent back to the valley.  Our second controle is Mum's Bake Shop in Berwick.  We then head south past Lake Paul to New Ross, our third controle, then south to Chester and back into the city on Route 3.  There are no hills on this route (just kidding).

Please notify me of your intention to participate by Friday afternoon so that I can prepare brevet cards for you.

For those riders who do not wish to ride 300km, there are a couple of options to escort the brevet riders as far as Windsor, then head back to the city via Beaver Bank (175km) - ask me for the map.

Expecting to see a good crowd out on Saturday!
Mark Beaver,
May 16, 2017, 5:20 PM