Lawrence Blackmailer Humphrey Turncoat

Lawrence Andrew Humphrey - Lawrence A. Humphrey - A Criminal Co-conspirator, U.S. Law Informant, Protected by the U.S. Court Systems with the Lost Case Here Below in Detail Both Locally and Federally against his own kind. No where Now to be Found. Cares about his Christian enslavers Churches - Cares Less about our Peoples Struggle.
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Brothers and Sisters - Our Prophet Noble Drew Ali - El Hajj Shariff Abdul-Ali has said:

Becareful that your own brother does not put you into slavery!

Do Not endanger your life with a Fool.

If someone attacks you flee from him, if you can not flee from him turn around and drop the world on him. 

In Islam it is Eye for an Eye and Tooth for a Tooth according to the Holy Qur'an of Mecca. 

The Uniting of the Holy Qur'an of Mecca with the Moorish Holy Koran is the True teachings of Ancient Kemet. 

Becareful also of Wolves in Sheep Clothing



Dr. Shamsuddin A. Abdul-Hakim Bey


Mr. Lawrence A. Humphrey

Defendant                                                                                                 Index No. CV – 003835 – 14 / BX

State of New York County of – Bronx

I, Dr. Shamsuddin A. Abdul-Hakim Bey, being duly affirmed, deposes and say:

That from around the date of 09/19/2012 up to the present, that the defendant Mr. Lawrence A. Humphrey, whom I met as a bad acquaintance, I had to call the police of the 46th and 47th precincts to talk to them about concerning a Voided Verbal and Written Contractual Agreement. I told the police that Mr. Lawrence A. Humphrey, threatened my life and that of my family. This while tricking me since 1998 when I first met him before becoming a Moorish American National, and needing to sue for a medical malpractice case making me a diabetic for $100,000.00 which over $19,921.58 according to court award Index Number:     CV-136636-09/BX    was on 07/15/2010 at 12:06 Pm given to him before this time from me and never repaid.

This individual foolishly tricked me out of over $19,000.00 ($19,921.58) to be a bit more exact plus since 09/19/2012 over $1,643.00 for a van that he stole from me threatening my life and that of my family about. He said that he would kill me if anything happened to him over the van and he had friends, in Mt. Vernon where he lives 651 N. Terrace Ave – Apt. 1K – Mt. Vernon, NY 10552, and he knows members of my family as well.

He has tricked me to have my Driver’s License 502614829 – Expiration of July 7, 2014 on the van in suspension due to his careless actions on with this van. He also tricked me that he would at first initially agree to pay me which he did not and never did pay me anything at all nothing whatsoever. It started as a bad business deal where I found out that he steals thieving clothes and other items from charitable bins to sell to the public at a price. This I observed him do in front of police who stopped him on a few occasions each time he would tell the police that he was and is homeless.

He tells me that the reasons why he cannot pay me using these false pretenses as he says, does, and has done without me knowing at first is because he has to pay for the van through a so – called joint J P Morgan Chase Bank Account which he also tricked and threatened me into doing using my former U.S. Marine Corp Military Veterans status on the account to keep the account free. This while he pays nothing to me concerning anything stealing and threatenly taking false ownership of the van from me.

He places nothing into this J P Morgan Chase Bank nor tries to pay me in any other ways at all, but threatens my life and that of my family members that he knows of. He also states that he can never pay anything because he has to pay a so – called Landlord at 421 Mundy Lane, near the border of Mt. Vernon, which by google maps is Bronx, New York 10550. This is where he usually keeps that van GCP9363 formerly FSY8410 with the VIN – No.: 1GCEG15W2X1150877 Registered to me the Plaintiff.  

Here Is Just One of Lawrence’s Crimes


Dr. Shamsuddin A. Abdul-Hakim Bey, Ord. D.D.


Lawrence A. Humphrey ran up tickets on my van he stole threatening me, and did several Red Light Violations as well warranting my possible arrest not his because no one seemed to admit nor know who was driving the stolen van, Police did nothing either in addition to so many other things that some people know about and even witnessed him do even his own mother whom he lives with:  

1.      How can a man be summoned to a case several times, and quite a few different ways lightly speaking, then not showing nor complying end up not loosing a case with all the evidence against him having been presented?


2.      By not showing up to a summons any summons imply guilt or warrant by contempt of court?


3.      The local court defended Lawrence even though he did not appear to the summonses’ and this Plaintiff Dr. Shamsuddin A. Abdul-Hakim Bey, Ord. D.D. lost the case regardless?


4.      The court itself defended Lawrence with the help of an Oriental Attorney!


5.      On July 28, 2014 the van that Lawrence stole was ceased and taken to the auto pound for auctioning finally.


6.      On July 28, 1980 up to November 3, 1980 I Dr. Shamsuddin A. Abdul-Hakim Bey, Ord. D.D. under my birth name Alvin George Kinkead (gh’ain) was only in basic training of the U.S. Marine Corp as an Honorably Discharged Private in 1980. These dates and things are ironic???

Lawrence A. Humphrey's Blackmailer - Turncoat - U.S. Law Informants - Office Phone Numbers: 1-646-649-6635 and His Personal Receptionist: 1-914-668-7309

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