Q:  How can I request more features in Random Network Plugin?
A:  You can send me an email at pjmcswee AT gmail DOT com.  Be prepared to answer questions and supply an article which describes the feature you are requesting.  Or you can try to implement the feature yourself.

Q:  Can I make changes to Random Network Plugin?
A:  Yes/Please. This is an open source project. You can obtain the source code at:
All I ask is that you maintain a line for the original authorship.  If you find your change/addition useful sending it back to me to be reintegrated and shared with others would be awfully nice of you.

Q: I think I found a bug.
A:  As with most software, its possible that things do not always work the way we would like.  If you are serious about helping to resolve the issue, sending us a description of how it happened and any Java output (stack trace, etc), would be most helpful.  You can email it to pjmcswee AT gmail DOT com or post it as a comment on the main project page.