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A few thoughts... 

What if Dick Clark's death was a sign that there will BE no new year?
The first time a man milked a cow, what was he REALLY trying to do?!
Window 7's equivilant of the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH:  the blue RING of death...
    -Chris Palm (maybe, searching citation) (Note from Chris Palm: I never saw it on the Internet)
If revenge is a dish best served cold and revenge is sweet, is it that hidden flavor of ice cream??
The lucky color for Taurus is red, does that make them red bull?
Google. You use it every day, but you probably don't know the order of the colors (DON'T LOOK WHEN ANSWERING IT)
Am I Troll Face, or am I KITTY Face?
    --A Random Kid
Lazy Person Fact 2345263572346574:
    You were too lazy to read the number
YOLO. They say it means You Only Live Once.  The TRUE MEANING:  You OBVIOUSLY Lack Originality.

{Fact: 10 out of 10 people fail the challenge below
Do not read this sentence}