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Character Sheet

Important NPCs
Tempest comes from the Wildlands and is a member of the Bloodstone Shadowclaw tribe. He joined Spellcom in exchange for Spellcom's protection of his tribe.

The Shadowclaws were victimized by a town of humans near the Dardarrik border. They feared that lycanthropes in the woods were killing their livestock and so they took it upon theirselves to purge them from the woods. While the Shadowclaws had no part in these events at the human town, the tribe became the scapegoats. Many of the tribe were slaughtered townfolk over the coming days. Tempest took it on himself to end the assualt. He snuck into the town and hunted down the leader behind the attacks. While Tempest did not kill the man, he left him seriously wounded with a message to leave his tribe alone and a threat to return if the man did not listen.

Wraith Wolf Virgil had been surveilling the area and witnessed all of this happened. He silently tracked Tempest as Tempest unleashed vengeance. It was after this event, that Virgil approached Tempest with the offer that would bring Tempest to Spellcom. Tempest saw it as his only option to truely protect his tribe and is forced to trust that Spellcom will stand by their word. So far, there has been no indication that they would not.

The Bloodstone Shadowclaws and the Bloodstone
The Shadowclaws make their home in a wooded area that surrounds what is called the Bloodstone. A local tribe of wood elves coined them the "Bloodstone Shadowclaws" many generations ago and the Shadowclaws still proudly hold the name.

The Bloodstone is a seemingly natural round flat-topped stone formation which emanates heat. The stone is about 10' in diameter and it's top stands 3 feet above the ground. It's light grey in color aside from a fair portion of its top which is splattered with ruddy brown. It's featureless and while it appears exceptionally smooth, it does not seem to be hewn by hand. It's true origins are unknown to the tribe and the stories handed down through the generations only tell of their kind finding the stone and learning of it's power during a hunt before forming their new home there.

The Bloodstone does not burn to the touch but rather eminates a warmth to those nearby as if it were a large campfire. The Shadowclaw homes are built around it, making use of the stone's heat in the autumn and winter seasons. The stone loses its heat over the course of the season and a blood sacrifice is needed to reactivate it.

The tradition for feeding the Bloodstone has been passed down through the generations and is a festive occasion. It is held at the start of the Autumn season and again at the start of the Winter season. The hunters hold a contest on the day prior and the largest kill would mark the hunter as the tribe's top warrior. His kill would be used to feed the bloodstone and its meat, believed to be blessed by the King of Beasts is shared with that warrior's family and the tribe elders. During the Spring and Summer seasons, the stone is left dormant. The Bloodstone is said to "sleep" during this time while the earth god lends his warmth to the sun god until it is again returned in the Autumn.