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Guildmaster Arcos

The leader of The Wizard's Guild of Thrace, Arcos was born to a small nomadic human settlement in the near-western Wildlands. His peoples' camp was sacked by orcish raiders when he was an adolescent, and he and the rest of the survivors were taken prisoner. It was a relief mission of several paladins and warpriests devoted to the All Father that freed him and saved his people, bringing them back to Graenwich as refugees. It was not long before the young man asked to learn "The Magics of the East" and was happily accepted into the Guild.

He has always felt he owed his life and freedom to the Church of the All Father, and only managed to stay silent during the Praxious Theocracy due to the knowledge that he would be key to it's downfall.

For one hundred and eight years, he has worked with and eventually led the Guild, using alchemical tinctures of his own devising to stave off the effects of age. He is a tanned skin man that reveals his true age during the few times he chooses to speak. Normally found in quiet contemplation, it is rare to see the Archmage outside the University anymore, unless he is working with the Arcanist General on a project.