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Blackpool Tribe

The Blackpool Tribe

 A war tribe of bullywugs that rested along the borders of Dardarrick and Torres, the Blackpools were a deeply devoted people of Mersmerro, if not entirely fanatical. They had been noted as being among the few of their kind to have not descended into complete savagery of their other kin. Their village home was located in the swamplands just several miles from the city of Southwatch.

A patriarchal society, the Blackpools' followed the command of their chieftains, often warlords that held significant status among the tribe. It was not uncommon for a new chief to force his way into power, often under the pretense that the former had fallen out of favor with their patron deity, or so it was often claimed.

Following the beliefs of Mersmerro, the tribe often heeded their priests and shamans for their deep connection with their lord. They would receive visions after purposely inhaling swamp vapors, specifically those of particular, dark-colored pools of water. Entering into a trance-like state, they will ramble on the will of their god, making declarations of war, approaching disasters or betrayal within the clan.

Commonly, those that fell into the “prey” category would serve the tribe as workers serving in the village and swamplands, or wardens, tapping into the wild blood of their people to defend their home. Those whom were fortunate enough to adopt roles as “predators” serve in war parties against enemy tribes and invaders. Often such groups were comprised of avengers, barbarians, fighters and rangers, laying waste to those they saw as threatening their lands and the surrounding environments.

While a rather reactionary and rather restless people, as was common for bullywugs, the Blackpool tribe had a loose sense of community. Children born were considered to belong to that of the whole village, with elders responsible for instructing the young. Those born within the same spawn are considered to be siblings and often will develop closely together.

Recently, the Blackpool tribe has suffered a number of losses, both in terms of morale and population. After several mysterious matters plaguing the village, the cause of which presumably still at large, and an unsuccessful raid on the city of Southwatch, the Blackpool tribe are effectively weakened, their members scattered throughout the northern Torres area and without proper guidance…