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About Word Wizards

Word Wizards of Santa Maria is a group of writers who have gathered together to edit and critique their writing and improve their overall presentations to publishers and agents.
The group constitutes a number of published writers as well
as a few novices.
Shattered Hearts is the groups first collective offering and though the theme is Valentines Day, this is not the usual hearts and flowers found in this type story.  The stories range from a pilot flying into North Viet-Nam, a missing husband on a river boat, lost love, found love and much more.  It will be published in February 2010 as an e-book by Desert Breeze Publishing www.DesertBreezePublishing.com

Nathan's Dirigible

In the 21st century a dirigible is designed to patrol the skies, launch aircraft and  it is all being done by a young,  six foot eight, genius.
In real time the U.S. Air Force has just announced the news that they are planning a Dirigible in the near future.
Fiction and fact come together in a rousing adventure tale that is a true page turner.

Nojoqui Incident

Nojoqui Incident
This adventure begins when a corporate jet crashes right after takeoff and the only person found is a man with no memory.  Fighting to regain his memory and learn who and what he is leads him into the devious workings of a powerful Senator.
Struggling with his identity the man with no memory finds true love. 

The Last Dawn of Reckoning

Jake was unsure who had shouted but he immediately saw the large man running across the clear area between the trees to his right.  He moved in the direction of the running man when he saw him swing up an automatic weapon and fire in their direction.
Jake McCauly is thus pitched into the middle of a terrorist plot that only he can resolve.