Randolph Tower is a writer of page turning adventure stories. 

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 Ice  Co-written by Randolph Tower and Barbara M. Hodges, California
Want to generate some heat? Try a little, ICE.
Sherice Solomon, the serial killer known as Ice, is moving west.  Santa Maria police  Darcie Devonshire is sure Ice has made it to the ccentral coast wto hen a body turns up in a dumpster with the killer's distinctive kill-slice across the throat.  With the discovery of the body, comes the shock of Morgan Garrett, Darcie's ex CIA partner and lover, standing beside the dead man.  Morgan stumbles upon the body while in a drunken stupor and has no memory of how he ended up in the alley.  He is held briefly by the  Santa maria police and released.  A decision to sober up takes him to Pacific Winds, a clinic for substance abusers.  At  Pacific Winds, Sherice Solomon, has taken a position as a clinical psychologist.  With her first encounter with Morgan, she decides he will join her on her hunts.  A decision, Arahni, the soul in the shafra that speaks and guides Sherice, refuses to accept.  When Darcie and Morgan discover each other again old feelings ignite,  This Sherice will not tolerate, there can be only one answer.  Darcie must die.
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The Last Dawn of Reckoning- Now Available
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"Everything is ordained Jake; we just have to figure the schedule." The terrorist sounded smug while slipping a knife into his boot.
Short Stories
Scattered Hearts - Desert Breeze Publishiinng.  Now available.
This is an anthology of short stories written by the Word Wizards of Santa Maria which includes my Novella Baby Bottles.  The story of one pilots
Journey into the heart of North Viet-Nam.
Scattered Hearts is now available on Amazon for download to your Kindle.
Harvest Magazine-Ice Cubes  (Pending web site)
Survive-One Night on a Mountain (Pending
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Proud Member of the Word Wizards of Santa Maria
Randolph Tower is retired from the United States Air Force and has more than 20,000 hours of flying time..  He has, in addition to the work mentioned on the left, written a number of technical and instrunctional manuals including writing the curriculum for the Instructor Pilot School.
Mr. Tower lives on the central coast of California and enjoys the many golfing opportunities in that area.

Todays Thought

Ice has been re-released from Coastal Dunes Publishing and My last Sin has just been released and is available on Amazon and other sites as a trade paper back or as an e-book.

 One Last Sin
A fiery crash of a private jet leaves a mystery in its wreckage; a man unhurt, but with no memory of his name, the crash, or a life before.
Scattered Hearts includes work by Barbara M.Hodges, Aubry Johnson and other Word Wizards..
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