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In the Green Mountains of Vermont
Randall Gardner
Photo courtesy of Amelia Gardner Photography
What's Happening! 
Guest Speaker
I didn't mention this when it happened  because I 
was waiting to see if I could get some shots that of 
the event that were taken by one of the professors. 
Back at  the beginning of November I was invited 
speak to the painting classes at Harding University
where I graduated in '74.  I used a PowerPoint and 
brought three of my paintings. I was honored to be 
able to go back and speak at the Art Department I 
graduated from. I took 1833, Last Stand, and The 
Tending Door as representative pieces.

Just Finished 11/22/13
A New Painting for the Small Works Show!
(done in one day)

Winter - South Woodstock
8" X 8"

By 'Viewers Choice' I was voted 
Favorite artist in Acrylics
At The
Art in the Round Barn Show this year.

Viewer's Choice Ballot Comments below

Best Viewers Choice Ballot Comment: (my favorite anyway) 
Art work title - "All of them!" 
"Gorgeous - lovely light and details. Thank you!"

Viewers Comments
"Amazing story about the painting*" "A wonderful detail to capture!"
"Realism!" "The spiders web appears three dimensional. Wonderfully 
simplistic detail!" "Really imparts the feeling - Great!" "Beautiful"

Stella's Cow Barn, The Wake
Viewers Comments
"Evocative"   "Wonderful"  "Simple, Beautiful"

Myrtie and Mary
"Lovely rendition of an old barn" "Beautiful painting, Love the history!"
"Caught my attention"

Randall Gardner at the Art in the Round Barn Opening
Sept. 22, Waitsfield, Vermont

Best Viewers Choice Ballot Comment:  
Art work title - "All of them!" 
"Gorgeous - lovely light and details. Thank you!"

A New Painting Completed
Memories of Arthur Wood
This painting was in the Local Color Show 
at the Artistree Gallery in Woodstock, VT )
For the story on this paining go to
 Kedron Valley Work

Through the Witching Glass
At long last I have made some finishing touches on
Through the Witching Glass. The write up is on a new 

Harry and Wanda
16 x 23
Acrylic on Panel
To see the story behind this painting go to:

Journey to Chadds Ford!
(Two summers ago)
Day 1
My wife and I were in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania this summer. 
We were driving down Route 1 and I saw road and remembered!
We drove up on Ring Road and found the Kuener's. 
Day 2
Today we spent the day doing the Brandywine Museum
bottom to top. Tremendous! At 10:00 am we went on the 
tour of Andrew Wyeth's studio. All of this was perhaps 
the best spent time and money an artist could invest.

That Evening!!
I was doing photography back at the Kuerner farm and 
all of a sudden a truck drove up and a man who got out 
asked  me what I was doing there.  Come to find out  it 
was Karl J. Kuerner, the grandson of Karl Kuerner o
Wyeth fame. When he found out that I was an artist he 
invited me up to his house. We spent two hours talking 
about art and sharing our ideas on painting. Fantastic!

The Kuerner Farm

Kuerner's  Today

Spring Fed Today

Andrew Wyeth's Studio
Chadd's Ford, PA

Randall Gardner 
now represented by
The Hunter Gallery of Fine Art
Next to the Old Tavern Inn
Grafton, Vermont
(now closed for the season)
Last Stand
12 x 16
Acrylic on Panel
It's time to do a Vemont latch!
My new studio info on Whats New Page!

 From our trip last year to the 
for an Andrew Wyeth Show!
Last fall, Sharon and I drove to Rockland, Maine for the end of
a special Wyeth show. This show had some rarely seen Wyeth
work on exhibit including a very large watercolor that was the
study for his very last painting  and an incredible watercolor
study of Far from Needham. A great show! We also drove
out to the Olson house and walked down to the master's
gravesite. He was buried in the middle of a snow storm
in January of 2009.
Andrew Wyeth
At Rest above the Tidewater
Cushing, Maine
A few new pictures are up on my tribute page:
Three New Book Acquisitions
Andrew Wyeth - Autobiography (finished)

Egg Tempera Painting by Coo Schadler (still reading)

Andrew Wyeth A Secret Life by Richard Meryman 
(re-reading now for the fifth time)

Andrew Wyeth - Looking Beyond 
I bought at the Brandywine Museum

Vertigo - I just bought it this fall at the Shelburne Museum. It is the 
catalog from the fantastic Wyeth art show we attended there.

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Rockland, Maine

(Home of the Wyeth collection.)
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