About Rana
Mr. Rana wants to become a good researcher in the field of "Human Factors and Ergonomics." His current research topic is the " Evaluation of Fall Risk Assessment and Diagnosis System for older people." This system is now at the prototype stage, after field testing in the real home setting environment, it will be improved further, and interventions will also be added to make it as a commercialized product. 
Rana is currently doing Masters in the Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISE) from the South Korea's famous and Number one university "Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)" which is the at number six in the most innovative universities in the world and no 13th in the worldwide according to QS engineering university ranking. Rana is doing research in the "Human Factors and Ergonomics Lab (HFEL)"  in KAIST under the supervision of Dr. Shuping Xiong. Rana has diverse research experience by working in the field of Mechanical Engineering both in the industry and academia for 1.5 years. Rana did his bachelor degree in Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering from the Pakistan's oldest and famous university "University of Engineering and Technology Lahore (UET LHR)." 
Mr. Rana is a hardworking, committed and dedicated person, gives value to their friends, listens to new ideas and tries to realize them. He likes to play football, basketball and does swimming & running regularly. To know more about Rana: you can send an email at "ranazia517@kaist.ac.kr" or you can have a Skype conversation at "ranazia518".