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Satria & Neo R3

> ALL the bodykits and spoilers are BRAND NEW!

> NO installation & paint provided.

> COD in Jln Klang Lama area For Klang Valley buyers. 30% commitment deposit for COD - serious buyer!

> Delivery service to whole Malaysia, Sbh, Swk. Click here to check rate

> Contact me Ramzi 013.646.7788 or email [at] to order/inquire.

** All items are made from high quality fiberglass - quality guaranteed!!

Satria NEO R3 complete set with spoiler - RM1250

Buying separately ?

1. R3 Front bumper with towing cover - Rm540
2. R3 Rear bumper with towing cover - Rm540
3. R3 Side skirts - Rm240
4. R3 Spoiler - Rm190

Satria NEO R3 front diffuser lip / splitter (Fibre) - RM240

Satria GTI Full Conversion - Rm850

1. Satria GTI front bumper (Fibre) - RM200
2. Satria GTI rear bumper (Fibre) - RM200
3. Satria GTI side skirt (Fibre) - RM75
4. Satria GTI door lining (Fibre) - RM120
5. Satria GTI wheel arches (Fibre) - RM120
6. Satria GTI spoiler (Fibre) - RM160


Satria promote full skirting (Fibre) - RM420

Satria Neo G-Concept full skirting (Fibre) - RM670

Satria Neo new full skirting (PU) - RM799

Satria Neo 1.6 OEM spoiler - Email for best price

Satria Neo Type R spoiler - RM190

 Front Skirting Section

Putra OEM front lip (Fibre) - RM90 / (PU) - RM140

Satria Mivec front lip (Fibre) - RM90

Satria Mivec front lip (PU) - RM170

Satria Mivec bumper small foglamp front lip (PU) - RM190 (lip only, not bumper)

Satria Mivec bumper big foglamp front lip (PU) - RM190
(lip only, not bumper)

Satria Mugen front lip (PU) - RM150

Satria GTI front lip (Fibre) - RM100

 Side Skirting Section

Satria Mivec side skirt (Fibre) - RM95 / (PU) - RM190

Satria side skirt style 01 (Fibre) - RM95

Satria Special Edition side skirt (Fibre) - RM100

Satria Mugen side skirt (Fibre) - RM100

 Rear Skirting Section

Satria Special Edition rear lip (Fibre) - RM160

Satria rear lip (PU) - RM210

 Front Grill Section

Satria Mugen front grill (Fibre) - RM90

Satria Type R front grill (Fibre) - RM90

Satria front grill style 01 (Fibre) - RM90

Satria front grill style 02 (Fibre) - RM90

Satria front grill style 03 (Fibre) - RM90

Satria front grill style 04 (Fibre) - RM90

 Spoiler Section

Satria Type R spoiler (no brake lamp) - RM170

Satria Mivec spoiler - RM180

Satria OEM spoiler - RM190

Satria Center spoiler 01 - RM180

Satria Center spoiler 02 - RM190

Order/ inquiry:-


Call:  013.646.7788