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2018 Soling 1 Meter National Regatta, Madison, Ohio - only 4 hours from here!
September 26 - 29

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RAMYA Victoria T-Shirt Regatta   (green chevron event)

RAMYA hosted a Victoria one day regatta Sunday July 7, 2013.
The racing was held on Lake Riley.
Fourteen skippers from Canada, the Mid-Atlantic East Coast, and NY State
entered the regatta.
The winds were strong: mostly 10 to 15 mph gusting to 25.
Sixteen races were held. After the tenth race there were only seven left standing.
For the results check out the SCORES link, below.
The regatta was called The RAMYA T-Shirt Regatta because first prize was a
T-shirt that has an airbrushed likeness of the winner's boat on it.
A light breakfast was provided.
Lunch was custom ordered DeBella Subs, yum.
Leading Edge Hobbies of Kingston, Ontario donated door prizes to round off the day.
Not a discouraging word was heard all day - FUN!

Bob Szczepanski's First Place Trophy Shirt
From T-Shirt regatta two
For a better flavor of what happened, please see the scores, photos, and videos
found in this links.

Regatta Picts 1

Videos - T-Shirt Regatta, 2013