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To decide which

Boat You Would Like To Be Your First

Study the comparisons below.


 Soling One



Force 65


 Length 39.4 in.
 25.6 in.
 30.7 in.
10 lbs.
2 1/2 lbs.
4.5 lbs.

 Images to scale



 Initial Cost*
About $400 kit
and radio
About $200
with radio
About $350 kit
and radio
A little harder.
Not very hard.
 Sailing Ease
Easy Requires
Requires more
 TransportabilityCompact car with
back seat down.
 In any trunk
or on any seat.
 Most any trunk or back seat.

* > You can run these costs way up - you may also find any of these boats used.
Also, the S1M and the Vic are available pre-built : the S1M from the factory or either built by local builders.
To compete in a serious fashion they all require additional cost: modifications to the S1M or Vic.
BOTTOM LINE: Come to the pond and ask to sail someone's boats - then talk to everyone before you decide.
We like to show off our boats and talk about them :)