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For Sale

Two of our former members have boats for sale.
This link will take you to the most recent info:
Also, sails and radios for sale

The Club has a newly rebuilt Soling 1 Meter sailboat for sail

Soling one meter (Ready to sail)

For Sale by RAMYA

See attached pictures

$295.00 (batteries not included)

This boat has been completely reconditioned, it includes the following;

 The hull and keel have been reconditioned.

 The boat has been painted and wet sanded to 600 grit.

 A rear hatch, for access to the rudder has been installed.

 New sails from Victor.

 One set of used sails.

 A new 4 channel transmitter, Hobby King HK-T4A V2, altered for increased

sail travel.

 A new 6 channel matching receiver, (comes with the above transmitter)

 A new 3 channel matching receiver (as a spare).

 Two new servos, Installed on a servo board.

 New running rigging.

 New standing rigging as required.

 Used cradle

Contact Bob Rotolo if you’re interested. 585 201 0588 or

Soling repair parts:
Gene has for sale,
3 sets of sails
2 hatch covers
1 rudder kit
Send email to this website for more info or talk to him at the pond.