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After building your boat from a kit you will need a radio system to control the sail and rudder servos and batteries for both the transmitter and the receiver in the boat. The servo for the sails will have to be strong enough to pull the sails in under strong wind conditions. Also, the battery for the receiver needs to be strong enough to not only power the receiver but to, in addition, provide current for the power hungry sail servo.
The best way to start this process is to have conversations with club members about what each of them thinks is best for them, and why.
There are many options and the options you select will depend on how comfortable you are with doing things yourself vs. having the vendor of the products provide service for you. In addition the DIY path is much less expensive.
Of course, if you are willing to learn, some club members will be willing to teach you how to DIY. Some of us derive as much pleasure from learning and teaching as we do in sailing. If you think you fit into that group, please do not be bashful about asking for help.
The links below are examples of electronics that are least expensive but may require some modification to work on your boat.
Select servos

Select boat battery

Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFe or LiFePO4)