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a Victoria

There are two sub-classes for the Victoria fleet.
The GOLD and the SILVER fleets.

GOLD boats usually are fitted out with carbon fiber spars and fly sails that are multipaneled.
This increases performance and of course increases cost greatly.
It also increase the complexity of tuning the rig for optimal racing and increases the complexity of building the boat.

SILVER boats are only fitted with the manufacturer's aluminium tubing spars and single panel sails provided with the basic kit.
As you would expect, this reduces the cost greatly and maybe more importantly, reduces the complexity of building, tuning and learning to sail.
Therefore, the SILVER boat has become a way to more easily enter the hobby of radio controlled sailing.

This is a photo of Walt and Jay and their Victorias - Walt only has one [#11 a GOLD boat]
Jay has FOUR - the two on the left are SILVER boats and the other two [#76 and #96] are his GOLD boats.
Over the Winter of 2011/2012 he went back to the basics by building and optimizing the procedure of getting the most performance out of a boat built from mostly kit parts with no expensive additions.
His build instructions give you a boat that not only will perform quite well, but may be easily modified into a GOLD boat should you choose to do so at some later date.