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Topic: Final PTA Meeting of the Year
Date: May 7
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: JPS Media Center

Recap of May 7 PTA Meeting

Thanks to those who attended the final PTA meeting of the school year. Principal Rathke shared the events taking place during Teacher Appreciation week. The teachers have enjoyed treats each day, and families are encouraged to send notes of appreciation to the great team of teachers we have here. Teachers want to work at our school because there is a positive climate that has been cultivated, and word gets around about why it's a good place to work—and we're proud of that!

Principal Rathke presented her State of the School summary, which included JPS's mission, strengths, challenges, MCA scoring and year-to-year comparisons, and social emotional growth. Principal Rathke expressed that there are still areas for improvement, but she is very pleased with how far we've come in the last couple of years. Please click here to view the presentation.

Principal Rathke addressed the addition of two more days to the end of the school year for JPS. We are a Community Partnership School, which allows certain flexibility throughout the year, including this year's early release days for professional development. The early release days provide valuable enrichment opportunities for our teachers and staff, but those days, on top of the unexpected number of school cancellations due to weather, contributed to not having enough education days for JPS students. June 10 and 11 will be enrichment days and will not affect a student's grades. Students will follow a regular schedule with some adjustments made to account for lower numbers of students in attendance. In the coming weeks, teachers will communicate to parents how to excuse a student from one or both days if they are unable to attend. Next year, due to the post-Labor Day start, the only early release day will be for fall conferences.

Principal Rathke addressed the Comprehensive District Design Proposal. First of all, nothing is set in stone. There are still opportunities for people to share feedback on the redesign. Principal Rathke's understanding is that one version of the proposal designates JPS as a STEAM Magnet School. There aren't any details as to how this would change our current STEAM curriculum or which students from the district would be sent to JPS. The proposal does change our pathway schools to just Burroughs and Lyndale. Green Central would pathway to Andersen. Green is part of our community and we value what has been created here. The challenges to JPS if Green Central students (approximately 150-200 total) were removed could include a significant change to the diversity of our building and a negative impact to enrollment which would also impact funding. It could also be challenging to uphold many of the learning systems and supports that have been put into place over the last few years. Principal Rathke stated that she will continue to advocate for our school, but encourages families to get familiar with the proposal and share feedback about the plan. See the MPS Comprehensive District Design Proposal on the MPS website.

MPS is hosting several opportunities to provide feedback.

PTA President Catherine Quinlan-Laird shared upcoming PTA events and emphasized the need to fill empty positions for the coming year. Please see SignupGenius for a variety of volunteer opportunities in the 2019-2020 school year.

We need your help to maintain a strong JPS community!

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