Getting ready for a Saturday ride.

Welcome to the Ramsey Cycling Club Homepage!

Ramsey Cycling Club was created to be a gathering point for riding enthusiasts in the NW corner of the Twin Cities metro area.
Riders of all ages and disciplines join our club to find friends of common interest to ride with and enjoy the cycling experience together.  Whether it's a short casual weekend ride, a 50 mile endurance ride or training-focused skills ride, you can find a place to participate at your level.
Ramsey Bicycle, the club's primary sponsor, has offered a great benefits package to our club members simply for taking part, wearing the club colors, and supporting the sport overall.  Ramsey Bicycle has been in operation serving the needs of the area since 1997.
RCC believes that all members can chose their place in the club and may be involved at any level.  If you want to be a casual partaker in the rides or become a ride leader, you will have that opportunity. 
We look forward to riding with you year 'round!
The RCC board of officers
Dave Lunde - President

Pam Hedtke - Treasurer

Kelly Browning - Membership Coordinator

Some of the girls on a weekend ride - 2011

Solberg (middle) and Undis (top) and Olson (bottom) on the Velodrome during the RCC Track night - 2010